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About Us

nce upon a time there was a faraway land known as Coinalot. The King of Coinalot was an avid numismatist (coin collector). He was actively upgrading and expanding the Royal Coin Collection that had been built over several generations of prior Kings. Like any collector, the King wanted only the best accessories to store, protect and display his collection. He entrusted his Wizard, Razi, with finding the right coin supplies for the Royal Coin Collection. Over time, it turned out that Razi was very skilled at tracking down, evaluating and procuring all of the right coin collecting accessories.

oon, other collectors in the Kingdom of Coinalot were asking Razi to get supplies for their collections while we has making procurement trips for the King. It wasn’t long after that, that Wizard Coin Supply became everyone’s go-to source for coin collecting supplies.

he coin collectors in Coinalot, while primarily interested in coins, also had other non-coin collections in progress. Some of these coin collectors had side collections of banknotes and stamps. Others were assembling world class comic book and sports card collections. Some became interested in gaming as children and were now collecting gaming cards. And, there were many other secondary collections beyond these. Soon Razi was receiving requests for supplies for stamps, banknotes and other collectibles. Wizard Coin Supply grew and expanded beyond its name into non-coin collecting supplies.

o, that’s how the citizens of Coinalot were able to buy collecting supplies for all of their collections from Wizard Coin Supply. They received quality and service fit for a Magically Low Prices...and everyone lived happily ever after.


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