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My Mother's side of the family is from the western part of the United States and there are many photos of us on Native American reservations and other areas near my family's home . My great-grandfather lived near Pikes Peak (a bit northwest of Tucson) and gathered stones and nuggets of gems and turquoise. He tumbled and polished the stones then traded them with Native American artists for their finished works of art of pottery and jewlery. I was raised with part blood and an abundance of Native Spirit. My Mother still lives near Flagstaff and we travel to New Mexico, the Native American jewelry capital of the world, and visit other artists throughout the Southwest 4 to 5 times a year to purchase directly from the artists themselves as well as traders. The Native Americans have always been a part of our lives and we have always surrounded ourselves with their culture and beautiful works of art.

All of our items are bought directly from individual artists or from well established, well known wholesalers and traders between Gallup, the reservations, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. We love to buy directly from the artists so we can support their craft as well as provide them a living for their incredible talents. It helps to bypass the middleman so we can send money back to our adopted families at the reservation.

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