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Wild & Sweet  for the discerning fashion minded...


WE Offer a huge variety of items & styles to fit any occasion of lifestyle...

We appreciate your interest in our Store. We're always adding new items to the store, so drop in often……

Our Specialty is CUSTOM Lycra WEAR.

You NAME it we CAN do it... We make the Patterns...

Send a Picture, Copy your existing Item, etc....

As always, we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality products & exceptional service. All items are Brand New (Unless Otherwise NOTED), wrapped in Original plastic & papers, safely boxed... If you ever have a question about our merchandise & services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

TEMPORARILY Back to SEWING, if you'd like something made or see that it is OUT of STOCK, Message ME !!!
I am NOT on Vacation, YET!!! HOPEFULLY, within several months.
I will either be; leaving store on true vacation or simply close shop till settle down, if I do???
Please all must sell. Less to pack, store or donate...

Make Offers Galore.
In my variation listing, which eBay has not yet implemented, (which I HAVE ASKED/SUGGESTED a Million times),
these type of listings, do not YET offer best offer options, message me.
We will work a deal out and create or revise that specific listing.

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OUR MOTTO: YOU PAY-WE SHIP ASAP. Most Orders before 11AM EST ships same day. Some Companies require your telephone Number, please provide with order. Item ships from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States. Contact you local customs department or post office if any taxes/tariffs are incurred for your Country. We combined items. Once the item(s) has been purchased, please wait for us to manually combine your order and give you the best shipping price to your location. PLEASE NOTE: Items cannot be combined after payment has been completed. Please choose your item carefully! Feel Free to ask questions prior to purchasing through eBay messaging. or or call or Text Item Number to 954-850-3003 (EST). Please have item # Ready. Detailed Policy go to


Shoe tip #1 : Re: Clear Upper Unit shoes, these type of shoes you want to fit snug for they will stretch. I always tell my clients make sure its tight but not hurting tight....

Shoe Tip #2 : We can help you decide your size, if you let us know what size do you buy in other brands..

Shoe Tip #3 : The "Blow Dryer Affect" This advise has come from my instore clients. When buying a clear top shoe, you want a snug fit, (so the shoe does not going flying when dancing ,etc.). Place the blow dryer a few inches away from clear upper for 2-3 seconds, it will expand, slide feet in, then contracts to get a great fit. BE CAREFUL FOR YOU CAN BURN SHOE. ONLY GOOD FOR CLEAR UPPER. not lazer or colored type clear upper units. Hope this helps to understand what size you are !


FYI : In all my Years of Selling Exotic High Heels, I've yet to see them sold in half sizes. Yet I am asked all the time, it seems in California and Overseas they do? I guess? Or so I've been told


FYI : To get a better shoe fit... How about this> place your foot on a piece of paper draw around, scan or shoot a life size, full resoultion picture, send/message me, will message you later with the measurements of Length and width of the shoe your interested in, within a few hours or following day... Thanks


Regarding the American WAY:

Question & Answer Answered On
Q:  this tag on the leash says $13.49 and u are trying to sell it for $16.49 and then u are charging for shipping and then a $1.00 for packing... i never charge for packing in un less it is over seas.....there are stores that sell this brand for 6.99 and 5.99 so u might want to rethink in pricing this item and not so much in the packing cost ... just trying to help have a nice day Mar-21-13

HI, if you reread ad, you will NOTICE it says>Color: Royal Blue (Not Using 4' Double Pic here)< which then tells you I am using the picture of another leash for I didn't have time, at that time, to take another picture, with Sooooooooooo many constant changes on eBay and the Chaotic world, it sometimes amazes me that I have time to brush my teeth... Now regarding pricing, this is America, the land of the Free, or so it's suppose to be. I grew up in the retail business of America back in the sixties, when Business was fair and right. With Americans complaining the last 18 years, of high pricing, which they blame the American Manufactures, instead of their Senators who have to live in their accustomed Royalty, which constantly raises taxes and constant adding of REGULATIONS, that take profits away from USA Mills, we suddenly began doing business with places like Guatemala, China, Honduras, Korea to say the least, this is one of the reasons we are in such a state of economic affairs, in retail there are costs, profits, restock and the normal bills of electric, rent, water etc. It seems Americans have forgotten to take this into account since the Chinese don't care about this and instead they have created a cut throat new way of Americans doing business. So thanks for the tip, but if all retailers were as fair as I and as Honest as I, we would NOT be in the failing economy we are in today, but a fair and decent one... Thanks for listening to my rant, Sylvie have a Safe and nice day too