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Shipping Costs:    Either Domestic or International shipping, our costs represent both Shipping and Handling.  Especially on International shipments, costs are higher and are fixed price costs, not estimates.  They include but are not limited to, Actual Postage Cost, Shipping Materials, Boxes, Cushioning, Labor and Time, which are very expensive on a continual basis, to ensure that your product arrives safe and sound.

Sometimes with our Best offers, we may accept an offer that is lower because we may have some play in our shipping costs, but they are not estimates, they are fixed and when you purchase an item, you should be aware that the total you are paying is the costs of everything combined.
International Duties and Customs:  We are asked by many customers to help them with their own importation duty taxes.  The customer is responsible for this and we offer help in the forms of some items may be gifted, some items may be marked for a lower replacement cost or at our cost, some items may require sales receipts, which we are happy to furnish you with if needed.  In the end, it is the customer's responsibilities to handle their own duties, sometimes our help is beneficial, sometimes duties are exact and correct, as they should be.  We cannot be held responsible, if duties came higher than expected and if it came lower, then it was a benefit of us trying to help.
Thank You for your purchase.

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