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   Welcome to Veronicas! 
Here we sell what would generally be called "Religious Articles and Books." Most of the items that you will find
in this eBay store are Christian in orientation, vintage in age and Roman Catholic in perspective, but many of them
will not fall so easily into these defining categories.

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Welcome to
Veronicas Liturgical Art!






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You will find in here some books on secular topics and some interesting objects

just collected for the sake of their unusualness or beauty, but we must admit

that our prime interest here is the collecting of religious art and literature which

might appeal to a Roman Catholic layperson or clergyman, with an emphasis

on traditional art, that is, pre-Vatican II reforming council, or pre-1970s in age.

These parameters are not, however, definite, by any means.



                                 MEDALS                                ROSARIES


You may find some contemporary artefacts and newer books here also,

but you will find that they usually connect to art, symbolism and history

in some unusual way. Many of the items in this store would be considered

as sacramentals, that is, symbolic objects used devotionally by the practicing

Catholic layperson. Thus, you will find a predominance of rosaries here,

one of the specialties of our store, as well as small statuettes, plaques,

medals, and the like. In fact, most of the categories pretty well divide into

the general categories defined in eBay at large under Collectibles> Cultures

and Religions> Christianity.




                          FRAMED PICTURES                                   STATUES


And please note that books make up about 40% of our stock

and parallel the kind of artefacts that we collect, and they

usually correspond with eBay Books under Vintage or

Antiquarian> Bibles, prayer books, theology, church history,

spiritual biography and the like.


&     BOOKS     &   




                          OUR PATRON SAINTS


The name "Veronicas" has two nuances. Of course, there is

St. Veronica (feast day: July 12th) made famous forever

in the  Sixth Station of the Traditional Stations of the Cross,

as the saint who wiped the face of Jesus on His way to Calvary,

and upon whose veil Jesus left the impression of His Holy Face.

But did you know that the name "Veronica" simply comes from

the Latin word "vera" meaning "true" and the Greek word

"icona," that is, "image" or "picture?"  So we spell "Veronicas" as

a plural, even though St. Veronica is certainly one of the patron

saints for our store.   We like to think that any item we offer

here is a little "veronica" in itself, that is, some "real picture" of a

spiritual truth, even if in only an intimate personal way.




Another one of our patron saints for this little eBay store is St. John of God

(feast day: March 8th) who, in his time, actually ran a religious goods store

in which he sold art and spiritual books before founding a religious order.

He thought "that by turning pedlar and selling sacred pictures and books

he might find opportunities of doing good to his customers."




That is also the goal of us here at Veronicas. Most of this stock

contained herein might be suitable for any good Christian home,

but sometimes you will find what we call "ecclesiastical" art here,

also, that is, religious objects which might be found in churches or

sacristies to aid in ceremonial worship, but mostly we concentrate here

on the smaller "vox populi" kind of artefact and book, those objects

which might serve as a useful devotional aid to the practicing Catholic,

or appeal to a Christian at large, or even to an individual belonging to

no particular faith but just enamoured by the lure and beauty of a

symbolic object, an item somehow connected to devotion to God, to

the worshipful state: to a "veronica," or "real picture" as it were.




So please feel free to come in and browse, no matter what your

spiritual perspective is. We hope you will find things which appeal to

your emotions and your intellect, and discover within the store, items

which are in some way beautiful, affordable, and spiritually special in

some unusual way. That is the aim and purpose of Veronicas Liturgical


                 --Leo at Veronicas          




Fieldstone Gardens is located near our eBay store
in Eastern Ontario.  To view a pictorial tour of this
summer's lovely flowers, please click the link below.