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How to Adjust Your Truss Rod

1. Locate the adjustment point on your guitar.
On acoustic guitars its generally in the soundhole, while electrics and basses are located in the headstock just above the nut or at the base of the fretboard.
2. Loosen the 3rd and 4th strings. Pull them to the side and remove the truss rod cover if applicable.
3. Holding the neck at eye level, sight down the neck to see how much of a hump or bow it has taken on both sides.
4. Using the correct allen wrench, either tighten or loosen your truss rod.
Causes high action and impaired intonation
Plays as expected
Causes fret buzz and false tones
If the neck has a bow, tighten by turning to the right in quarter turn intervals. Turn to the left to loosen if the neck has a hump.
5. Tune your guitar back up to pitch and see if the action is at a comfortable playing position for you.
Be sure to avoid over-tightening of the nut. Failure to do so can result in stripping the nut or breaking the truss rod.
If you have any questions or don’t feel comfortable doing this on your own, feel free to call our tech or take it to your local luthier for guidance.