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Reversible Ring Rack

Our one stop shop for Sterling and Stone's famous reversible rings all in one place for you to find the perfect match. We design and build all of our reversible rings using our proprietary casting design and the finest natural gemstones. You will see amazing cabochon gems that are the hottest cut in Italy and NYC this year. We have also used some very unique checkerboard cut gems that you will not see in local jewelry stores. We travel the world sourcing gems and jewelry from the finest designers in Italy, Spain, India, Hong Kong and the US so what you see from us is always unique and very hard to find. Take a look at our signature line of reversible rings today - there is no better value in jewelry than our reversible rings. They are beautiful pieces of fine jewelry that give you two rings for the price of one. All made in sterling silver and all featuring precious natural gemstones.
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If you don't see the ring you are searching for, send us an email. We may have it in our retail store. If not and we love the idea, we might decide to manufacture it and add it to our line. If so, we will give you the first piece at our cost. Try to find that offer from any other jewelry store on the planet!
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