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Our default shipping method is EMS​, however SAL/small packet(* It takes about 1 month at least
to be delivered.) may be used if your items can be put in a certain sized box.

All the paid purchases to the same address are combined into single shipment where possible.
If you prefer combined shipping with the ongoing auction items, please contact us, and make a final,
overall payment once you finished shopping.

Items will always be sent to the address you specify in PayPal when you pay. If the address chosen
is different from your usual one, please leave a memo in PayPal.

For more details, please read our eBay store policy: SHIPPING.
Please make payment within 7 days of your purchase or auction win. eBay automatically
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(If the unpaid case closes without payment, items will be cancelled and put back up for sale.)

For more details, please our eBay store policy: PAYMENT.
Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included, and these charges are the buyer's responsibility.
Any relevant fees the buyer is charged when you receive the goods are also their responsibility. (i.e.
Value-added tax in the country, Customs clearance fees, any storage charges, to and from transportation
charges to pick the purchases up, etc.)

Any requests to send the purchases in separate packages in order to lower taxes will NOT be accepted.

For more details, please read our eBay store policy: CUSTOMS & TAXES.
Please use the color stated in the description as a first point of reference.
Photos are mainly for illustrative purposes, so colors may vary slightly from the actual item.
If you would like clarification about a particular item's color, feel free to contact us.

Please refer to both the description and the photos in the listing to find out about condition.
We take into account the age of each item when assigning a condition tag.

For more details, please read our eBay store policy: ITEM DESCRIPTION.
Items can be held for up to 7 days (including weekends) from the date of purchase or auction win.
We cannot hold items that (a) have already been packed/shipped, or (b) you have not purchased/won yet.

Tracking numbers are provided in notification e-mails to your webmail address at the time of shipment.
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Please remember that the delivery times stated above are estimates only.
Customs issues, weather/traffic conditions, postal strikes, and other factors can all contribute to delays.
Please contact your local post office if your items are taking longer than imagined to reach you.

For more details, please read our eBay store policy: HOLDING & TRACKING.
Please understand that age affects both item condition and value as a collectible.
Due to the vintage/antique status and delicate nature of the items, as far as we described
how the condition is in the listing, we do not accept returns.

Besides, any returns because of the damage, deformation or whatsoever incurred as a result of
the wrong usage will not be accepted.

For more details, please read our eBay store policy: RETURN POLICY.

How to wear yukata
1. Prepare yukata slip, koshihimo, kimono belt, and datejime. These items help you to wear yukata easily. 2. Wear a yukata roughly over the shoulder on a yukata slip. Make sure to place the centerline straight along with your back lengthways, by holding both sleeve caps away from you body.
3. Hold both collar ends in front of you and check the line. Keeping your hands holding color ends, lift the yukata off the floor to adjust its length. The skirting of the yukata is worn just above the ankles. 4. Continue to hold the yukata tightly and bring the left overlap over the body and adjust its width such that its collar end runs along the right point of the collar bone. Make sure that no creases left around the hip. Open up the left overlap and bring the right overlap over the body. Bring the left overlap over the right overlap to where the width previously decided. Lower the hem to about 7-8cm from the floor.
5. Continue to hold the yukata tightly with the right hand. Take the half point of the waist sash (koshihimo sash) and place it on the center of your front body with the left hand. Cross the 'koshihimo' sash on your back and pull each end with your both hands to fix the yukata with it. 6. Bring each end of the 'koshihimo' sash in front your waist and fasten with a catch. Overlap the sash to make only one line. Insert both hands into the openings under the arm ('miyatsuguchi'). Use both hands to remove any creases around the waist on both the back and front of the body.
7. Insert 'kimono belt' from the left 'miyatsuguchi' and fasten the right collar at a little above the waistline with a catch. Fold up the creases below the fastener and sweep them away to the right side. Pull out the other end of the belt. Bring the belt from the back to the right side and fasten the left collar at the same position as the other side. 8. Adjust the distance between the collar and neck by pulling the collar ends according to your hairstyle or bodyline.
9. Place a 'datejime' band from the front around the waist. Tie 'datejime' belt on top of 'koshihimo’ sash in the same way. FINISH !