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Welcome to Custom Wheel Outlet, a family-owned company and your one-stop headquarters for a complete line of quality automobile wheels and tires. For over 15 years, we have provided the United States and Canada with the latest products and unprecedented service for everything we sell. And for years, our customers have been coming back. View our online catalogs for the wheels or tires you need.


Take a look around. If you don’t find what you need, feel free to call us toll free at 855-SHOP CWO (1-855-746-7296) or email us and we will do all we can to get the product you are looking for at the best price possible. From the latest and best in wheel and tire technology to unprecedented customer service, Custom Wheel Outlet can get you out on the road quickly and at an affordable price. Shop now and see why so many people consider Custom Wheel Outlet to be the one-stop shop for all their wheel and tire needs.


At Custom Wheel Outlet, our friendly and knowledgeable staff, quick and dependable shipping, and affordable prices all come together to make getting a new set of wheels and/or tires easy. On top of that, we never "tire" of tires! Give us a shot, and you’ll be glad you did!

Take a look at what some of our recent customers have been saying:

User:Date:Sep-21-18 06:02:11 PDT
Praise:thank you! for the very good service and the communication was excellent. I reco
User:Date:Sep-21-18 04:09:12 PDT
Praise:Great seller.
User:Date:Sep-21-18 04:06:05 PDT
User:Date:Sep-20-18 23:20:07 PDT
Praise:Great item
User:Date:Sep-20-18 23:05:39 PDT
User:Date:Sep-20-18 22:53:50 PDT
Praise:fast delivery and A++++. will buy again. Thank you
User:Date:Sep-20-18 21:54:06 PDT
Praise:easy transaction AAA+++
User:Date:Sep-20-18 21:07:32 PDT
User:Date:Sep-20-18 20:40:41 PDT
Praise:item as described, fast shipping
User:Date:Sep-20-18 19:16:52 PDT
Praise:Received 9-20-18.Fast shipping with great service.
User:Date:Sep-20-18 19:13:19 PDT
Praise:quick shipping great priceA+
User:Date:Sep-20-18 18:39:01 PDT
Praise:Was sent out same day. Only missed projected receiving day by one day.Excellent
User:Date:Sep-20-18 18:29:19 PDT
Praise:Ultra fast shipping. A++++++. Will only buy tires from these guys in the future
User:Date:Sep-20-18 17:44:13 PDT
Praise:Love them!!! If I need any other rims I will look them up again!
User:Date:Sep-20-18 17:24:54 PDT
Praise:Beautiful wheels, fast delivery, free shipping. Great purchasing experience.
User:Date:Sep-20-18 17:05:21 PDT
Praise:Item as described
User:Date:Sep-20-18 17:01:08 PDT
Praise:Excellent service super fast shipping. as described. AAAAAAAAAA+ SELLER
User:Date:Sep-20-18 16:54:12 PDT
Praise:Extremely fast shipping! Ordered Sunday, delivered Wednesday! Recommended!
User:Date:Sep-20-18 16:41:16 PDT
Praise:Quick shipping, and tires in perfect condition. Thanks!!!
User:Date:Sep-20-18 16:24:32 PDT
Praise:Very nice
User:Date:Sep-20-18 16:05:11 PDT
Praise:Great SERVICE
User:Date:Sep-20-18 15:43:11 PDT
Praise:Great Seller, fast shipping!!
User:Date:Sep-20-18 15:08:51 PDT
Praise:Good Seller, fast shipping, recommended.
User:Date:Sep-20-18 15:06:13 PDT
Praise:Great seller A+++
User:Date:Sep-20-18 14:58:36 PDT
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:Sep-20-18 14:27:30 PDT
Praise:5 Star seller Great customer service highly recommended!
User:Date:Sep-20-18 13:59:29 PDT
Praise:Super quick shipping! Great value. Thanks
User:Date:Sep-20-18 13:42:56 PDT
User:Date:Sep-20-18 13:35:09 PDT
Praise:Shipped fast! Tires are 1.5 years old, good new condition otherwise.
User:Date:Sep-20-18 13:15:24 PDT
Praise:The wheels are by far cheaper than any tire shop in my area was a perfect fit.
User:Date:Sep-20-18 13:12:58 PDT
Praise:Very fast shipping!!!Great product! Great service! Great seller!Two thumbs up!!!
User:Date:Sep-20-18 13:00:12 PDT
Praise:Great to do business with A+ seller!!
User:Date:Sep-20-18 12:45:14 PDT
Praise:Perfect seller and fast delivery!
User:Date:Sep-20-18 11:23:01 PDT
Praise:great deal
User:Date:Sep-20-18 11:22:23 PDT
Praise:great deal
User:Date:Sep-20-18 11:06:03 PDT
User:Date:Sep-20-18 10:54:43 PDT
Praise:Fast shipping!
User:Date:Sep-20-18 10:54:19 PDT
Praise:Fast shipping!
User:Date:Sep-20-18 10:15:06 PDT
Praise:as described, fast shipping
User:Date:Sep-20-18 09:47:04 PDT
Praise:Great Item, Fast Delivery!!!
User:Date:Sep-20-18 09:44:29 PDT
User:Date:Sep-20-18 08:35:08 PDT
Praise:Good Buy, Great Seller, Fast Shipping, Thank You!!
User:Date:Sep-20-18 08:32:55 PDT
Praise:A + Thanks
User:Date:Sep-20-18 08:31:31 PDT
Praise:A + Thanks
User:Date:Sep-20-18 08:24:06 PDT
User:Date:Sep-20-18 08:09:39 PDT
User:Date:Sep-20-18 07:51:22 PDT
Praise:good price, great service, recommend this seller
User:Date:Sep-20-18 07:42:12 PDT
Praise:5 star wheels affordable, excellent communication, knowledgable staff.,fast
User:Date:Sep-20-18 06:29:54 PDT
Praise:Quick shipment. Great seller!
User:Date:Sep-20-18 06:23:53 PDT
Praise:Fast shipping great ebayer
User:Date:Sep-20-18 06:23:43 PDT
Praise:Fast shipping great ebayer
User:Date:Sep-20-18 04:32:58 PDT
Praise:exact item fast shipping
User:Date:Sep-20-18 02:41:48 PDT
Praise:great fast service
User:Date:Sep-20-18 00:19:35 PDT
Praise:fast shipping, great tires
User:Date:Sep-19-18 22:26:19 PDT
Praise:Fantastic deal!
User:Date:Sep-19-18 19:07:04 PDT
Praise:Great parts at great price, Excellent shipping. Product works really well.
User:Date:Sep-19-18 18:08:14 PDT
Praise:great seller
User:Date:Sep-19-18 17:59:08 PDT
Praise:Good thanks :)
User:Date:Sep-19-18 17:58:56 PDT
Praise:Good thanks :)
User:Date:Sep-19-18 17:57:20 PDT
Praise:Awesome tires, amazing shipping speed, A+
User:Date:Sep-19-18 17:14:37 PDT
Praise:I can't believe how cool these wheels are. Well packaged and quick shipment.
User:Date:Sep-19-18 17:12:35 PDT
User:Date:Sep-19-18 17:03:36 PDT
Praise:great communication
User:Date:Sep-19-18 16:14:35 PDT
Praise:Thank you great service.
User:Date:Sep-19-18 16:12:31 PDT
Praise:Good product, fast shipping
User:Date:Sep-19-18 15:47:09 PDT
Praise:Fast shipping. Great transaction
User:Date:Sep-19-18 15:21:18 PDT
Praise:Tires delivered in <24h with free shipping. Impressive. Thank you!
User:Date:Sep-19-18 14:03:14 PDT
Praise:Thanks so much!!!! A+++++
User:Date:Sep-19-18 13:49:55 PDT
Praise: Great transaction well recommended.
User:Date:Sep-19-18 12:41:44 PDT
User:Date:Sep-19-18 12:36:11 PDT
Praise:Fantastic tire company!
User:Date:Sep-19-18 12:17:24 PDT
User:Date:Sep-19-18 12:16:44 PDT
Praise:Great ebayer thank you
User:Date:Sep-19-18 12:16:06 PDT
Praise:Great ebayer thank you
User:Date:Sep-19-18 12:00:50 PDT
Praise:trés content de ma commande
User:Date:Sep-19-18 10:58:15 PDT
Praise:Great price on the tires, quick shipping as well.
User:Date:Sep-19-18 10:45:19 PDT
Praise:Great product
User:Date:Sep-19-18 09:30:08 PDT
Praise:Excellent service, product and shipping timing.
User:Date:Sep-19-18 09:29:54 PDT
Praise:Excellent service, product and shipping timing.
User:Date:Sep-19-18 08:51:39 PDT
Praise:item as described, quick ship
User:Date:Sep-19-18 08:49:26 PDT
Praise:item as described, quick ship
User:Date:Sep-19-18 08:35:50 PDT
Praise:Item was not as described
User:Date:Sep-19-18 08:11:55 PDT
Praise:Great seller
User:Date:Sep-19-18 07:39:02 PDT
Praise:All super. Fast and relyable.
User:Date:Sep-19-18 07:32:34 PDT
Praise:Items arrived quickly and as described. Thanks!
User:Date:Sep-19-18 07:08:35 PDT
Praise:Great to deal with and fat shipping A++++
User:Date:Sep-19-18 07:03:47 PDT
User:Date:Sep-19-18 06:29:39 PDT
User:Date:Sep-19-18 06:29:26 PDT
User:Date:Sep-19-18 06:12:22 PDT
Praise:reasonable price, fast delivery, fits great
User:Date:Sep-19-18 05:10:47 PDT
User:Date:Sep-19-18 04:48:29 PDT
User:Date:Sep-19-18 04:47:58 PDT
Praise:Great transaction.
User:Date:Sep-19-18 04:29:38 PDT
User:Date:Sep-19-18 04:27:59 PDT
Praise:Wow!! Super fast delivery!! Great!
User:Date:Sep-19-18 04:12:41 PDT
Praise:Great product and service
User:Date:Sep-19-18 03:52:38 PDT
Praise: great
User:Date:Sep-19-18 03:08:31 PDT
Praise:As described
User:Date:Sep-19-18 02:58:46 PDT
Praise:Excellent seller, just as described, beautiful rims
User:Date:Sep-19-18 02:40:18 PDT
Praise:awesome tires
User:Date:Sep-19-18 00:27:52 PDT
Praise:Thank you great seller!!!
User:Date:Sep-19-18 00:22:32 PDT
Praise:Thanks Robin
User:Date:Sep-18-18 23:15:52 PDT
Praise:Amazing speed A+++++ 4 rim all came at the same time 👍
User:Date:Sep-18-18 20:25:57 PDT
Praise:Very satisfied
User:Date:Sep-18-18 20:18:24 PDT
Praise:Great seller and fast shipping!
User:Date:Sep-18-18 19:50:40 PDT
Praise:Fast Shipping, Perfect product. Thanks A++
User:Date:Sep-18-18 19:50:23 PDT
Praise:Fast Shipping, Perfect product. Thanks A++
User:Date:Sep-18-18 19:44:48 PDT
User:Date:Sep-18-18 19:09:42 PDT
Praise:Looks great! Just what I wanted.
User:Date:Sep-18-18 18:31:31 PDT
User:Date:Sep-18-18 18:14:44 PDT
Praise:Awesome seller thank you
User:Date:Sep-18-18 17:20:32 PDT
Praise:Delivered ahead of schedule. Great product. Thanks
User:Date:Sep-18-18 17:05:56 PDT
Praise:Overall 5 Star
User:Date:Sep-18-18 16:51:50 PDT
Praise:Thanks for sending it quickly...
User:Date:Sep-18-18 16:44:34 PDT
User:Date:Sep-18-18 15:50:54 PDT
Praise:Awesome, thank you! Super super super fast shipping!!!
User:Date:Sep-18-18 15:02:21 PDT
User:Date:Sep-18-18 14:13:32 PDT
Praise:Great Deal , Great People , Highly Recommend !
User:Date:Sep-18-18 13:19:03 PDT
User:Date:Sep-18-18 12:55:00 PDT
Praise: Got items thank you . very cool
User:Date:Sep-18-18 12:23:26 PDT
Praise:Thanks! Fast delivery A+++++
User:Date:Sep-18-18 12:23:07 PDT
Praise:Thanks! Fast delivery A+++++
User:Date:Sep-18-18 12:17:05 PDT
Praise:Quick and fast!!
User:Date:Sep-18-18 12:11:39 PDT
Praise:Works Awesome, Thanks You!
User:Date:Sep-18-18 11:32:27 PDT
Neutral:Rims were not delivered on date stated in the auction. Free lug nuts helped
User:Date:Sep-18-18 11:28:52 PDT
Praise:Wheels look amazing, fit perfectly, shipping was quick and price was amazing!
User:Date:Sep-18-18 11:13:34 PDT
Praise:Great seller/price, will do business again
User:Date:Sep-18-18 11:12:54 PDT
Praise:fast shipping, good price,free shipping, thanks
User:Date:Sep-18-18 10:06:10 PDT
Praise:Fast shipping, great packaging, great deal!
User:Date:Sep-18-18 10:05:56 PDT
Praise:Fast shipping, great packaging, great deal!
User:Date:Sep-18-18 10:00:10 PDT
Praise:Excellent service, definitely would buy again
User:Date:Sep-18-18 09:47:51 PDT
Praise:Outstanding deal, super fast shipping. Thanks
User:Date:Sep-18-18 08:46:43 PDT
Praise:Awesome seller very fast shipping everything I wanted for my purchase thank you.
User:Date:Sep-18-18 07:12:27 PDT
Praise:Excellent and fast delivery. Worth every penny! Shipping was super fast!!!!
User:Date:Sep-18-18 06:51:01 PDT
Praise:Excellent seller Fast shipping
User:Date:Sep-17-18 22:57:23 PDT
Praise:A OK
User:Date:Sep-17-18 22:15:30 PDT
Praise:Great Seller!
User:Date:Sep-17-18 22:12:34 PDT
Praise:Thank you!
User:Date:Sep-17-18 20:39:32 PDT
Praise:Fast shipping
User:Date:Sep-17-18 20:28:02 PDT
Praise:Awesome product! Fast shipping!
User:Date:Sep-17-18 20:04:29 PDT
Praise:great tires at a great price!!
User:Date:Sep-17-18 18:17:25 PDT
Praise:Extraordinary delivery ordered tires one day had them the next day !
User:Date:Sep-17-18 18:00:23 PDT
Praise:All good. Thanks
User:Date:Sep-17-18 16:49:23 PDT
Praise:In general it was a good experience
User:Date:Sep-17-18 16:42:52 PDT
Praise:quick shipping, just what i was looking for. thanks
User:Date:Sep-17-18 16:20:12 PDT
User:Date:Sep-17-18 16:09:19 PDT
Praise:Item as described, thank you
User:Date:Sep-17-18 15:28:23 PDT
Praise:excellent seller ... highly recommend!
User:Date:Sep-17-18 15:22:55 PDT
Praise:Fast Shipping, Good communication Thanks!
User:Date:Sep-17-18 14:49:15 PDT
Praise:Good deal fast low cost shipping will buy from again.
User:Date:Sep-17-18 14:25:28 PDT
Praise:Good eBayer!
User:Date:Sep-17-18 14:13:18 PDT
Praise:Great seller
User:Date:Sep-17-18 14:09:24 PDT
Praise:very happy look sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
User:Date:Sep-17-18 13:25:47 PDT
Praise:Super quick shipping, good communication.....thanks!
User:Date:Sep-17-18 13:25:25 PDT
User:Date:Sep-17-18 13:11:52 PDT
Praise:Great service Super fast shipping+++++++++++++++++++
User:Date:Sep-17-18 13:09:07 PDT
Praise:great deal, Thanks!
User:Date:Sep-17-18 12:22:09 PDT
Praise:great price , and fast shipping.
User:Date:Sep-17-18 12:04:41 PDT
Praise:Absolutely great to deal with.
User:Date:Sep-17-18 12:04:24 PDT
Praise:Absolutely great to deal with.
User:Date:Sep-17-18 10:40:40 PDT
Praise:great to deal with
User:Date:Sep-17-18 09:29:35 PDT
Praise:good deal,serious ebayer thank you
User:Date:Sep-17-18 09:27:24 PDT
Praise:Item arrived fast and was exactly as seller described. Very happy.
User:Date:Sep-17-18 09:10:57 PDT
User:Date:Sep-17-18 08:44:55 PDT
Praise:Fast shipping! Product as described! Thank you for excellent service!
User:Date:Sep-17-18 08:26:39 PDT
Praise:The items arrived faster than expected, and was exactly what I had ordered.
User:Date:Sep-17-18 08:25:54 PDT
Praise:fast shipping, will do business again
User:Date:Sep-17-18 07:22:14 PDT
Praise:fast delivery! Thank you!
User:Date:Sep-17-18 06:32:55 PDT
Praise:very good
User:Date:Sep-17-18 06:21:52 PDT
Praise:Perfect Seller, Thank You
User:Date:Sep-17-18 06:10:11 PDT
Praise:great item
User:Date:Sep-17-18 04:59:36 PDT
Praise:good deal shipped very fast
User:Date:Sep-17-18 03:13:27 PDT
Praise:Super Fast!!! Thank You!!!
User:Date:Sep-16-18 19:35:22 PDT
User:Date:Sep-16-18 19:34:31 PDT
User:Date:Sep-16-18 18:29:10 PDT
User:Date:Sep-16-18 18:19:45 PDT
Praise:YEAH BOY !!!!!!
User:Date:Sep-16-18 18:05:45 PDT
Praise:shipped fast, everything smooth as can be A1
User:Date:Sep-16-18 18:04:01 PDT
Praise:Great product! thank you!!
User:Date:Sep-16-18 17:33:56 PDT
Praise:Nice looking lugs!
User:Date:Sep-16-18 17:26:55 PDT
Praise:Fast shipping Nice looking wheels!
User:Date:Sep-16-18 15:19:50 PDT
Praise:Fast and on time
User:Date:Sep-16-18 14:05:05 PDT
Praise:thanks for the super fast shipping. would definitely buy from again
User:Date:Sep-16-18 13:54:28 PDT
User:Date:Sep-16-18 13:23:10 PDT
Praise:Super Fast Shipping AAA++++++++++++/Seller 5-Stars Will Buy from Again
User:Date:Sep-16-18 13:18:28 PDT
Praise:Great seller fast and accurate.
User:Date:Sep-16-18 13:17:13 PDT
Praise:Great seller fast and accurate.
User:Date:Sep-16-18 13:06:02 PDT
Praise:good ebayer
User:Date:Sep-16-18 13:05:50 PDT
Praise:good ebayer
User:Date:Sep-16-18 13:05:39 PDT
User:Date:Sep-16-18 13:04:51 PDT
User:Date:Sep-16-18 12:23:32 PDT
Praise:Fast fast fast shipping
User:Date:Sep-16-18 12:06:24 PDT
Praise:Great Seller !!!!!! AAAAA+++++++
User:Date:Sep-16-18 11:56:56 PDT
Praise:Good seller and Fast shipping!
User:Date:Sep-16-18 11:23:13 PDT
Praise:2 thumbs ups
User:Date:Sep-16-18 11:22:56 PDT
Praise:2 thumbs ups
User:Date:Sep-16-18 10:27:37 PDT
Praise: Thanks I like it
User:Date:Sep-16-18 10:24:00 PDT
Praise:good price
User:Date:Sep-16-18 10:02:09 PDT
User:Date:Sep-16-18 09:50:48 PDT
Praise:very good