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Size Guide

How to select a women's standard size?

On each product page, there is a standard size chart.

size chart

Please Read the size chart carefully then accurately measure your sizes.
Select the size in the chart according to your measurement

  • Choosing a strapless dress, make sure its bust size is equal to or a bit less (0 - 0.5 inch) than your measurement. In this case, the dress will fit you tightly. For a strap dress, the bust size should be equal to or a bit(0 - 0.5 inch) more than your measurement.
  • Waist size and hips size of a dress should be equal or a bit (0 - 1 inch) more than your measurement. In his way the dress will fit you well.

How we deal with measurement error?

Some customers ordering custom dresses from us may be concerned if the sizes they measured are accurate enough for making suitable dresses. Taking into consideration the possibility of the measurement errors, we make a few improvement tailoring and sewing dresses.
Here are the details.

Girl size:

girl-size-chart -SelfDream by Adorona Girl Size Guide -SelfDream by Adorona