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  • Oval/Recta​ngle UV Protectant Glass

Which Glass is the Right Glass?

It is a framer's responsibility to protect and beautify an artist's work with a presentation that complements the artwork without overpowering it. One important component of this framing presentation is the glazing.

Glass serves as a barrier between the artwork and outside elements such as dirt, moisture and curious observers. Glass should not interfere with but enhance the viewing of a work of art. That's why Tru Vue glass products are available in three finish varieties: clear, non-glare and anti-reflective, and in two series: standard Premium and UV-blocking Conservation.

There's a Tru Vue glass product to fill every framing need and work well within any lighting or viewing environment.

All the glass we use is made by Tur Vue. In our retail store we offer all three varieties of glass but only recommend two: Conservation Clear and Anti-Reflective.

What's the difference between the two?

Excellent question. This glass keeps precious artwork fresh and allows it to stand the test of time.  Ideal for framing original art, limited prints, heirloom photographs, shadowboxes, needle art and any other framed pieces with sentimental value.

With Conservation Clear glass you get the same clarity as with any regular clear type glass with the exception of the clear coating that blocks 98% of the UV light rays.

What's does UV light do to my picture?

Another great question. UV light rays cause the pigments of the inks used in printing to fade and discolor. There are other factors that can contribute to fading but UV light is the greatest culprit.

What is Anti-Reflective glass?

This is the best glass option for maximum reflection-free viewing when protection from harmful light rays is not a concern. Ideal for shadowboxes, multiple-mat presentations, limited prints, heirlooms, photographs, needle art and all your valuable displays.

Personally, I love this type of glass. It is available in Premium and Museum. Premium Anti-Reflective glass is crystal clear and as the name implies reflects minute to no light or images. If you wear eyeglasses your lenses probally have the same optical coating that makes them look like nothing is there.

The Museum glass has the same type optical coating but blocks 98% of the UV light making it the very best glass you can use on your artwork. Below are two examples of how Anti-Reflective glass looks.


Conservation Clear

Conservation Clear Glass

Rectangular & Oval

Protect your art wether it has four corners or none. We can provide you with the protection that all art & family photos deserve. Conservation Clear glass blocks 98% of the harmful UV rays that ruin the images we love and cherish.

Protect your treasures today with Conservation Clear glass from our store.