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Can you upgrade the memory on the computer?
We currently do not offer upgrade services. You can upgrade the computer up to 8GB.


Do you offer Windows 10 as an operating system?
We have some computers with Windows 10. Please check our store for Windows 10 computers.


Is the operating system a 32 or 64-bit operating system?
32 bit and 64 bit are listing in the item description. Some models in the same family line may come with 32 bit or 64 bit. If none are listed, then 32 and 64 bit may be available upon request.


Do I need to purchase a new battery since you do not guarantee the battery to hold charge?
You may or may not need to replace the battery, but you surely can buy a new one on eBay starting at 12 dollars. Please search for your computer’s brand name and model along with the words new battery to see all the available options for your computer.


Can this computer play games?
Depends on the game. You will need to search the hardware requirements for your particular game and make sure this model exceeds those minimum requirements.


Am I able to use an external monitor or TV for a display with this computer?
Yes, just make sure your TV support the video input listing in the description. Look for VGA, Display port or HDMI in the listing description.


Am I able to view movies and videos with this computer?
Yes, the computer is able to stream videos as long as the internet bandwidth allows it.


I am thinking of getting this computer for an elderly person, would this be a good computer for them?
Yes, this is a good reliable model that is easy to use and a clear display. Text can be made bigger in settings if needed.


Would this be a good back to school computer?
Yes, this is a good viable model. We would recommend that you do check for minimum requirements for your schooling needs and particular programs you will be using.


Does this computer have an office type software package?
Yes, you will be getting an office suite included in the software.


Does the computer have wireless connectivity to access internet?
Yes, the computer offers wired and wireless connectivity. Keep in mind that depending on your network, you may need to gain access to the network, usually via a passcode, depending on the security of the network.


How heavy is this computer?
Being a business class computer, this is middle-of-the road weight. It’s around 6.5 lbs. which is not the lightest or the heaviest model for a feature packed laptop.


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