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Question: What is the difference between 18/10, 18/8 and 18/0 stainless steel flatware?
Answer: The numbers refer to the percentages of chromium and nickel found in the stainless steel used to produce the flatware. It is a common misconception that these numbers refer to weight; they do not. The "18" refers to the amount of chromium, and the "8", "10", or "0" refers to the amount nickel contained in the steel. There is essentially no difference between 18/8 and 18/10 stainless steel; both of these are produced using food grade stainless number 304. Flatware marked 18/0 contains no nickel and therefore has less rust-resistant properties making it more likely to lose its luster and shine over time.

Question: What is the difference between a place spoon and a teaspoon?
Answer: A place spoon (also known as an oval soup spoon or dinner spoon) is the larger of the two spoons found in a standard place setting. The teaspoon is the smaller of the two spoons found in a standard place setting.

Question: Will you accept an offer at a lower price?
Answer: We try to set a very fair asking price and would prefer not to discount the sale prices. Many of the products we offer are discontinued and, once sold, cannot easily be replaced. We would rather have the product available for a buyer willing to pay a fair price than discount it for a quick sale.

Question: Do you offer quantity discounts?
Answer: In most of our listings for pieces or patterns of which we have a larger quantity available, we will have already created a listing showing a quantity discount. For example, we may list single fork at $9.99, and then also list that same fork in a set of six for $49.99. As a general rule we do not discount further. If you are interested in purchasing large quantities of an item (24 items or more), please contact us via e-bay messages to inquire about additional savings that may be available.

Question: Do you combine shipping or offer shipping discounts?
Answer: Yes, when possible, we will always combine orders or items to reduce shipping costs. Shipping on many of the items we sell is already free. For listings where shipping is charged, we will show the shipping for a single item and then an "additional item" shipping cost if you purchase multiple items. This information is shown in the "shipping and payments" tab in the listing you are interested in purchasing from. For Example: If shipping shows $5.00 for the first item and $2.00 for each additional item, the total to ship six(6) items from that listing would be $15.00

Question: Why does the back-stamp (markings on the back) on my flatware not match what I am buying from you?
Answer: Manufacturers often change the markings that appear on the back of flatware; this is especially true if the pattern you are buying has been produced over a long period of time. When a manufacturer changes the country of origin, retools machinery, or starts production in a new facility you may see changes to these markings. We try our best to detail and photograph the markings that appear on the back of flatware in most of our listings.

Question: How can I purchase multiple items from multiple listings and make only one payment?
Answer: This is simple, just add each of the items you are interested in to your shopping cart. Once all the items are added, simply click the shopping cart icon located in the top right of your "my eBay" page and checkout like normal.

Question: The listing shows you have up to 10 available, can I purchase only 8?
Answer: Yes. This is very easy, simply place your cursor in the quantity field and type the quantity desired (8) into the quantity box and then click the 'buy it now' button. eBay's system will not allow you to purchase a quantity greater than that which is available. Please note that not every listing has multiple quantities available, if no quantity is shown only one is available.

Question: Can I return an item that I purchased?
Answer: Yes. One4Silver accepts returns for up to 30 days from receipt of your purchase; a 20% restocking fee may apply.

Question: Why do you charge a restocking fee?
Answer: Our restocking fee is only assessed to recover our actual shipping and restocking costs associated with your transaction.

Question: What if the item I received is not what I expected?
Answer: Please reread the item description to make certain the item doesn't match the description. More often than not, buyers have simply purchased the wrong item by mistake. If after rereading the description and giving the listing photos a second look you determine that the item received does not match the description, please contact us via eBay messages or phone our office directly. We go the extra mile to ensure order accuracy, but we are human and sometimes something slips by us. Please know that if we have made an error in our transaction with you, we will work with you to immediately correct it at no cost to you. Our goal is your complete satisfaction! It is our policy to block any bidder/buyer from participating in further transactions with us if a case is opened before contacting us.

Question: Are you a real company?
Answer: Yes. One4Silver is located in Akron, Ohio and has been in business for more than 30 years.

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