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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this an official Newegg Store?

Yes, this is an official eBay store owned and operated by Newegg.

Q: What payment methods does Newegg accept?

PayPal is currently the only payment method accepted.

Q: Can I change my order once it has been submitted?

No. Once an order has been submitted through the eBay store, no further changes can be made to it. Please cancel the order and replace it with a new one.

Q: What is Newegg’s return process?

  1. Create an RMA
    • All product returns must have an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number so that it can identified. To obtain an RMA number, please send a request to Customer Service.
  2. Send the product to Newegg
    • Once your RMA is issued, print a UPS shipping label from the Newegg website.
    • Box up the item to be returned and send it to:
      • Newegg Returns
        ATTN: [Your RMA Number]
        17560 Rowland St.
        City of Industry, CA 91748
    • If using a service other than the Newegg UPS shipping label service, Newegg recommends using a courier that provides package tracking and basic insurance coverage.
  3. The RMA is Received and Approved
    • Newegg will send an email notification once the shipment is received at the RMA facility.
    • A second email notification will be sent once the package has been opened and the RMA has been reviewed and approved. It usually takes 2-5 business days from the time Newegg receives shipments to review and approve RMAs.
  4. RMA Resolution
    • If a Replacement was requested, a new order will be generated once the RMA is approved. Standard email updates will be sent for the replacement order, just as would be for a newly placed Newegg order.
    • If a Refund was requested, a credit memo will be generated once the RMA is approved. The refund amount to be credited to the original payment method 3-5 business days later. The turnaround time for Refunds often depends on individual bank policies for making the funds available.
    • The overall turnaround time for a return is about 5-8 business days from the time the shipment is received (2-5 business days for RMA processing and 2-3 business days to expedite the refund or replacement).

Q: How do I acquire a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number?

Please contact customer service to request an RMA number.

Q: How long does it take for Newegg to process an RMA?

RMA processing time may vary depending on the product and reason for the return but generally processing time is 2-5 business days once the RMA is received and meet all following criteria:

  1. Return with RMA number clearly identified in shipping label or on package.
  2. Return with all original equipment, components, manuals, cables, documents, packaging.
  3. UPC code along with retail package.
  4. No physical damage caused by customer or by carrier.
  5. Item is NOT out of warranty when it is received.

Q: Can I reactivate an order that has been voided or cancelled?

No, you will have to re-order online.

Q: Why is a Quantity Limit applied?

Our listings will have a quantity limit and will be mentioned on the item listing so more customers can take advantage of the sales. Once the customer reaches the quantity limit, no more purchases for that item can be made.

Q: Does Newegg offer any technical support or advice on component compatibility?

No. Newegg does not offer any technical assistance or advice. Please contact the manufacturers for accurate answers to your technical questions and for insight on how different products interact together.

Q: Can I obtain an RMA for a Consumable Item (Ink/Toner Cartridge, Paper Product, Blank CD/DVD Media, Batteries etc.) using Newegg's online RMA system?

Consumable items cannot be returned to Newegg unless the item is new and sealed in its original packaging.

Q: Where can I acquire more information on the products listed?

Newegg provides all the detail information available on the product description section. If additional information is needed, please contact the manufacturer.

Q: Why am I being assessed an additional Electronic Waste Recycling Fee by the state of California (EWRA eWaste)?

The Electronic Waste Recycling Act ("Act") became law in California on January 1, 2005. The primary objective of this law is to initiate a recycling program for computer products containing chemicals deemed hazardous to the environment. To fund this program, California requires retailers and e-tailers to collect, on the state's behalf, a fee for each product covered by this law. The fee is paid by the consumer at the time of purchase of the covered product. This fee will be remitted directly to the state by Newegg and only applies to orders shipped within California.

The types of products that Newegg is required to collect this recycling fee on include cathode ray tubes, cathode ray tube devices, flat panel screens, and other similar video display devices. The actual amount of the recycling fee will vary, based on the screen size of the product when measured diagonally, as follows:

  • Greater than 4" and less than 15" -- $6.00
  • Greater than or equal to 15" and less than 35" -- $8.00
  • Greater than or equal to 35" -- $10.00

For more information concerning the scope and details of the Act, please refer to the California Integrated Waste Management Board's website at or to the Department of Toxic Substances Control's website at

Q: How long is the waiting period before I am able to file a claim for a lost, damaged, misdelivered or tampered package?

If an order was damaged, misdelivered or tampered with while in transit, please contact Customer Service within 2 business days of delivery. If your order was lost while in transit, please contact Customer Service within 7 business days of not receiving your order.

Q: Do shipping costs decrease when there are multiple items in an order?

When multiple items are ordered together, shipping cost is usually reduced according to weight and size, safety and insurance required. Simply place all items in the shopping cart, pick the state and method of shipping and apply the shipping calculator.

The total shipping cost is displayed and includes any applicable reductions. For certain items, due to significant shipping discounts already offered by Newegg, the shipping will be added cumulatively, unless multiple items are purchased. The shipping charge is always as per the website.

Q: How do refunds/credits work? How is a refund/credit applied?

The refund will be charged back to your PayPal account.

Q: Approximately how long will it be before a refund/credit actually appears on my PayPal Account?

It takes us approximately 24-48 hours to process a credit back to a PayPal Account. Please allow 2-3 business days for it to appear on the statement.