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From April, EMS shipments to 196 countries including the United States are unable to accept. Therefore, some orders will be shipped via DHL.
”Free shipping service” is for EMS use only. Shipping fee and insurance differences due to using DHL will be added separately.
Customers are also responsible for any customs duties. Please only Customers who can accept above, should place an order. Thank you!

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We always aim to respond promptly.
However, our translator is off on Wednesday and Sunday.
It may take few days to respond your inquiry. We appreciate your consideration.

We sell all items online and in-store simultaneously.
It may occur that the item has been sold in-store right before you ordered online.
In this case, your online order will be automatically cancelled and a full refund will be issued immediately.

  1. Accessories/Attachment
    If we do not mention anything about accessories, it means the item does not include accessories.
    The detail of accessories is not mentioned except that dirt and scratches are noticeable. Please consider that items are used.
    Please note that the part of private information on the warranty has been blotted out or cut off.
  2. The size of the item is measured by our professional stuff. However measurement error will occur.
  3. Our jewelry are polished by contracted jewelry manufacturers. However, please note that all our jewelry are used and there are minor scratches.
  4. We take care in fully disclosing any damage that we find, if any. However, please note that the items have been carried before, and will have some additional signs of use.  If you are sensitive, I strongly recommend not purchasing from online.
  5. We will also disclose all of smell information in our description as much as possible. However, the smell may occur due to frequency of use or natural climate in Japan. Please note that  in this case we may not mention about it.
  6. The authentication of every item is reviewed and inspected by our professionals. In addition to this, we post photos of the item as many angles as possible.
    Please note that the color of the item on electronic displays may differ from the actual color due to electronic displays or lightning of photo shooting.
  7. Regarding bags, we put packaging materials in the item to keep its shape during photo shooting.
  8. In case we find out that we have made a mistake by inaccurate information online (e.g. the price or description you have ordered), we may have to cancel your order at any time even after you have received your order confirmation.

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