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Pave Diamond Beads and Balls:



     The round balls, a jewelry component specifically designed to be used in giving a finished form as in Earrings, necklaces, bracelets. The size of these balls varies from 6mm to 24 mm. sparkling with dazzling natural Gemstones and diamonds, these Pave Diamond Balls are greatly in demand. The terms ‘Pave’  is being inaugurated from ‘Pavement concept’ which implies tight grouping of small stones/diamonds together to give an article a vibrant look.

       With the time and fashion trends the shapes have also been moulded to different forms like Tumble/Bell Pave Diamond Beads, Diamond Disc Bead and others. Not only as a jewelry component, these beads and balls can also be worn as singly in form of pendants or lockets.

   Diamond charms:


     With an inverse relation to their size, these charms are on boom. These diamond and gemstone charms have gained popularity as of their very attractive shapes and outstanding figures. Available in vast varied shapes like Christmas Cross, Halloween Skull, Evil-Eye, Hamsa, Initial, Diamond Crescent Moon, Snakes and others, they are easily available at affordable prices as well.

  Christmas Crosses:

     The festival of joy, happiness luck and charm is approaching very speedy. It is the perfect time to show appreciation for your near and dear ones by presenting them unique Christmas gifts like Diamond Crosses, Jesus cross. These are gifts which will be overjoyed to receive by the relatives and friends.


     Christmas morning is well known for snowflakes trickling downwards from heavens and for the round Pave diamond balls are very fashionable and in demand. From the varied range of 925 Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets to the Diamond cross Earrings, these Handmade Jewelry items reminds people how wonderful a white Christmas could be.

  Halloween Jewelry:


       Halloween, All Hallows Eye festival, a festival been subject filled with majestic joy or we can clearly define it as a festival of superstition. With the end of Celtic summer festival, Halloween began. To prevent them from evil spirits, people prefer to adorn themselves with Halloween Fashion Jewelry- The skulls, the snakes, the skeleton, the crabs or the spiders. These Halloween Jewelry are specially made with different precious and semi-precious gemstones to give them an enchanting look. People wear these charms to feel unique and different from crowd.


        The terrific designs of skull, spider inspires people with their structure and fascinates them to wear. The Halloween jewelry cheers you up with the memorable event of your life and gives you incredible pleasure of haunted night.

  Thanksgiving Gift:


    To gift someone a jewelry piece is the most popular way to make them feel special. A gift that is perfect for every age, class and of lifestyle. Moreover, Jewelry makes fashion statement. With the approaching Thanksgiving, Diamond charms, Midi Rings, Diamond Palm Bracelets are gaining their popularity. Not very exclusive but these jewelry are truly meant for gift purpose and at the same time approachable as well.

     Though every person has their own taste and preference but the gift like jewelry can be suited and made available in thousands of shapes and designs for perfect match like the tradition class of creed with opt for the Religious jewelry viz; Om Pendant, Evil Eye Ring, Hamsa Hand Earrings, The funky or the teen will move for Jazzy Charms, Macramé Bracelets, Mini Rings and so on.



  Diamond clasp:

    A sensible diamond lock that connects the two strings together to give shape to jewelry. These clasps in regular terms also popular by the name of Diamond clasp; Diamond Fish clasp, Diamond Elephant Locks, 925 sterling Silver clasp.


      The designs of these clasps and locks are made keeping in mind the strength of the piece or chain connecting to it so that it can have a proper grip.

  Gemstone Dangle Earrings:


        There is nothing that can bring grace to your face like sparkly Rings, a jangly Carved Necklace, a contemporary Gemstone Dangles, classy studs or some dazzling diamond bands. Small or large, Fake or Real, understated or over the top, Jewelry lifts the spirits with look. Colorful Carved Gemstone Beads of Tassel Earrings could just be a single thing to make an ordinary outfit outstanding.


      Not only as a part of Fashion but these different colored Natural Gemstones have their  impacts of mind, body and soul as well, Few are stated below:

1.     Sapphire Gemstone: A powerful stone that brings health, wealth, longevity, happiness, prosperity, name and fame,

2.      Ruby Gemstone: It brings the happiness of father, physical strength, strong position in politics, promotion, electricity, discipline, dedication

3.     Emerald Gemstone: It helps in promotion and prosperity as it enhances intellect, memory, analytical and intellectual power.

  Diamond Knuckle Rings:

         The class of jewelry that is popular since Mughal period. This kind of jewelry is used to protect the knuckle of the warriors and thus named as Knuckle Rings. With the revolving time and changing fashion trends, the shapes and the use of this jewelry has also moulded into different forms. The Diamond Knuckle Rings have always been in vogue. Very demanding, these rings have also renowned by the name of long finger ring, Armor Rings. Contemporary yet classical, these rings best suits to every outfit.

  Midi Above Knuckle Rings:

         The small rings currently the hot selling product of the market has now become the first choice for all age groups. An adorable mini ring seems to complete the outfit for any special occasion with perfectly complements fashion trends. These have now popular with their varied shapes and the metal used in;  The bow style, The angel wings, the Christmas cross pattern, the love knots and many more with the metal in gleaming 14k Gold, 18k Gold, Dazzling Diamonds and glistening gemstones.

  Fashion Palm Bracelets:

         With the changing trends the fashion has also diversified the way around. People are now choosier in picking up the perfect piece that best suits their attire to leave a significant impact in their social circuit. Palm Bracelet, an innovative jewelry collection specially manufactured taken care of fashion conscious people to suit their personality, thus creating a vast market for fashion lovers. These Palm Bracelets are not designed as per the running fashion trends but also as per the customer’s taste and preference.

  Victorian Jewelry:

       Encompassing more than 60 years, Victorian Jewelry is popular by the tag of jewelry of ancient times. Gradually, the Mughal Jewelry has become very popular amongst all walks of life. With the changing time the Victorian Jewelry have been perfectly modernized with blend of fashion, glamour and tradition with of course a tint of dazzling diamonds, glistening gemstones and other precious metals.

          Also known as Traditional Jewelry, this collection epitomize the different eras of Victorian period. Many of the Indian Mughal Kings and queen have been influenced with Victorian and thus this collection of jewelry was greatly affected by archaeological discoveries and overseas.

  Engagement and Wedding Bands:


         Presenting jewelry as a gift to a loved one is a long and classic tradition. Engagement and Wedding ceremony have their own colors and significance but to add a grace to them, the Diamond Bands plays a vital role. These Engagement and wedding Jewelries are the great source to demonstrate your soul mate and your dedication towards them.

          This band comes in wide varieties and shapes to pick from to make your loved one day memorable. The Wedding Band should complement the engagement ring in terms of design, style and craftsmanship. These wedding band make the ceremonies a lot more glamorous.

  Pearl Jewelry:

       Pearl, a good accent of classic tradition is believed and worn as a jewelry that brings prosperity and good fortune to one’s life. Way before the discovery of precious metals like gold, silver and diamonds, women knew how to adorn them. Sea shells, sea pearls and other stones were used by them to create their jewelries.

      The necessity of looking adorable than others have paved the way for Pearl and other Fashion Jewelry collections With the growing demand the color and the shape of the Pearl have also been transformed. The evolution of Pearl Jewelry has made people to admire the beautiful Handcrafted Jewelry. The wide deigns in Pearl Jewelries have made people astounded all across the way to any jewelry store.

 Tassel Gemstone:

         Gemstone Beads are elegant, come in a variety of colors and add a imaginative natural element to your pattern. Gemstones have invariably been surrounded with lore and legends. These were the inseparable portion of many traditions.

Ancient Egyptians were renowned for their jewelry and adornments. Amongst them, Tassel Gemstone Jewelry was adorn and very much popular too. They used to wear a great deal of Tassel Gemstone Jewelry that features carved gold ornaments and gemstone beads.



  Mettlle Team