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What are your business hours?

Our customer service and sales staff are in the office from 9am - 5pm EST Monday through Friday. Our shipping department is open from 10am-4pm EST. Our FedEx pickup is usually between 1pm and 2pm EST. During the summer we close early on Fridays at 1pm EST. We're closed on weekends and holidays.

Can I pick up this item from you?

Yes, we do have a Local pickup option. Pickup hours are 10am-4pm Monday through Friday, except during the summer when we close at 1pm on Fridays. If you'd like to make a pickup, first win whatever auction(s) you're interested in, but *don't* pay right away.

Before you pay, contact us and let us know you've got an order for pickup. We'll remove the shipping charges from your eBay invoice and add tax, and send you an adjusted invoice. At that time, we'll also send you the address and pickup info.

Our staff will bring the equipment to the loading dock for you. There is no testing available on site; there are no power outlets in the loading dock area.

Can I pay cash?

No, I'm afraid not. We're not set up to take cash payments.

What does "stock photo" mean?

Stock photos are photos which are not of the actual item being sold. They show an item of the same or very similar appearance. We try to use actual photos of items but they aren't always available. We'll always say in the listing description either "stock photo shown" or "actual item shown" so that you'll be able to tell.

There may be minor cosmetic differences between what stock photos show and what you receive. If you need specific information about the appearance of the actual item and the photo in the listing is a stock photo, just send us a message.

Why haven't you responded to my email or message yet?

Usually when people ask this, it's just that they don't realize that we're closed at night and on the weekends. Our friendly customer service staff answers messages and emails from 9am-5pm EST Monday through Friday. We receive a very high volume of messages and emails, and we respond to all of them in the order in which they come in. Usually this takes less than 24 hours. Once in a while, eBay doesn't forward a message correctly to our mail server, which causes it to be delayed or to never arrive in our inboxes. If you're worried that this has happened to you, feel free to send us another message!

When will my item be shipped?

Usually, orders which are paid for before 12pm ship the same day. Sometimes, when we have an extremely high volume of orders, we aren't able to ship items on the same day. If that's the case, the item will ship on the next business day.

When will I receive my order?

This depends on how far away you are from our warehouse, which carrier it has shipped with, and when your item ships. We ship items Monday through Friday, and our daily FedEx pickup is between 1pm-2pm EST.

If your order ships FedEx, once it ships out it'll take 1-5 days. This map will give you an idea:

If your order ships via USPS Priority Mail, it should take 2 days. We only ship small, lightweight items via USPS. If your order ships via freight, it usually takes 3-5 days but as we use a variety of freight carriers we can't give a perfect estimate for freight in this FAQ.

How can I track my order?

For FedEx and USPS shipments, we upload tracking directly to eBay. You'll find the tracking link in your order details if you log into your eBay account. Our system also sends out tracking emails . For freight shipments, tracking won't work through eBay (they don't have that functionality yet) but our Shipping Department will email you the tracking information for your order at the email address you provided in your order. If you have a FedEx or USPS tracking number, you can also paste it into Google search for a tracking link - a handy shortcut!

Which orders ship "signature required"?

Any order which totals $500 or more will be shipped "Signature Required" and so you'll need to sign for it when it is delivered. If no one is present to sign for it, the carrier will leave a note and try again later. After a few attempts, they will hold the package at their local depot or send it back to us, so please make sure someone will be available to sign for your order if it totals over $500!

What does DOA mean?

DOA stands for "Dead On Arrival" and refers to an item which does not function properly when it arrives. When we say we guarantee against DOA, we mean that if your item is broken or not working as described in the listing when you receive it, then it's covered under our guarantee and eligible for an RMA. (Except for AS-IS listings, which are a special case.)

What does AS-IS mean?

AS-IS means an item which is being sold with no guarantees of any kind. Usually such items have a specific problem, or an unusual condition. Often, such items need repairs or are only usable for parts. Full details about such items will be available in the description in their listing. If an item is being sold AS-IS, then it will say so in big red letters in the main description.

What's the difference between "tested" and "pulled from a working environment" in your listings?

We're a liquidator, so all of the equipment we sell comes from offices and datacenters. Most of the equipment is tested by our engineering staff at the warehouse, but some of it cannot be tested there. Items which our staff have tested are listed as such. Items which are listed as "pulled from a working environment" have been pulled from an environment in which they were in regular use, and therefore should be in working condition.

What is included with this listing?

Only what is described in the text description. The photos may show something which isn't included, so it's safest not to assume. Things like server rails, power adapters for laptops and power adapters for phones, cables, CDs, manuals, keyboards, mice, and other peripherals and accessories are NOT included unless the text specifically says they are. Please send us a message if you aren't sure if something is included, and we'll be happy to find out for you.

My order wasn't what I expected, what do I do?

Send us a message! Our service staff team is made up of very friendly people, and everybody comes to the office every day expecting to answer questions and help people. Give us a chance to do that, and you'll be glad you did.

Can I get a custom server or PC from you? Will you add (RAM, hard drives, etc) to my order for an extra fee?

I'm afraid we're not set up to do this. We're a liquidator, which means that we only have the equipment we've liquidated. We don't have a stock of parts to add to items, so we can't reconfigure them.

I didn't receive something which was supposed to be included with my order, what do I do?

Usually, the missing part is just hiding under the packing peanuts - it can be easy to miss cables and other parts this way. Dig through the packing peanuts and you'll probably find the "missing" part. Other times, the part was not included in the sale and the listing says so - take another look at the description of the item you bought to be sure. If you're still missing something, send us a message!

What's the password on this PC or network device?

If it's an Apple product, the password is usually blank - just hit enter. If that doesn't work, it's usually been set to "Admin" or "Administrator". If it's a network device, the login and password have usually been reset to the default, which you can find on the manufacturer website or by doing a Google search for the model number of your item and "default password". If you're still having trouble, send us a message.

Do you ship internationally?

Under certain conditions, yes. For Canada, your order must be over $500. For anywhere else, your order must be over $1000 and you must pay via wire transfer. If your order is less, or you cannot pay via wire transfer, we cannot ship to you.

Can you ship my order on my FedEx or UPS account?

Usually, yes. Most items can be shipped on your account. We do not have a regular UPS pickup so there will be a small fee (which we pay to UPS) in order to schedule an "on call" pickup for you if you're using a UPS account. We may also charge a materials and handling fee depending on the order. Some items cannot be shipped on customer accounts, or cannot be shipped FedEx or UPS. Send us a message for more information.

What kind of warranty do your products have?

Our warranty is a 14-day limited warranty, unless otherwise noted on original description of product. This warranty includes any hardware defects and EXCLUDES any software issues, neglect, or unauthorized repair. Our warranty also does not cover "buyer remorse" or buyer's lack of knowledge about the item, nor does it cover compatibility of the item with any given software or hardware. (I.E. please make sure the item will work with your equipment and software before you buy it.) The warranty date will start from the time your item has been delivered as recorded by

I need to return an item. What can I expect?

First you will need to contact us to get an RMA number. RMA stands for "Return Merchandise Authorization" and these numbers are how we track returns. Once your return arrives at our warehouse, it will be re-tested within 5 business days of receipt, and will then be replaced. If no replacement is available, your money, not including return shipping, will be refunded. Feel free to send us a message to inquire about the status of your return or for more information.

For returns which are not covered by our guarantee, there will be a restocking fee of 10% or $10 (whichever is greater). For such returns, the original shipping paid to the carrier is also not refunded.

Can I change the shipping address for my order?

We ship orders to your registered PayPal address. If you're having an address problem or you have a special circumstance and need help, send us a message and we'll see what we can do for you.

My question isn't answered here. What now?

We thought we'd covered pretty much everything - send us a message and let us know!

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