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Innovited, Inc.


Innovited runs on a simple concept. If we provide high quality products, then our customers would get the best value. That is simply how Innovited, Inc. got its start.

Innovited, Inc. headquarter is located in Chicago, IL. We sell auto parts, computer accessories & peripherals, phone accessories, and many more different category, etc. Our products are sold throughout North America as well as around the globe. To ensure our customers that they get the best value and quality possible, we’ve warehouses across the global where our products can reach our customers.

Counterfeit Product
Innovited enjoys a strong reputation for product quality and designs. Because of this, a number of counterfeit products have been introduced into the market. Products sold on eBay cannot be guaranteed to be authentic. Many auctions are removed because they may be counterfeit.

Patent Infringement
Innovited products are patented or patent pending for technologies that is incorporated into its products. These products are only sold through authorized dealers. The sale of our products by anyone other than authorized dealers, in strict compliance with the terms of their license, constitutes patent infringement and may subject the infringer to substantial liability.


Q: Why did my auction get shut down?
A: Your auction was most likely terminated because it displayed unauthorized reproductions of copyrighted images or trademarks owned by Innovited, or because it offered for sale unauthorized merchandise.

Q: Why was I not informed directly by Innovited prior to my auction being shut down?
A: For reasons of speed and efficiency, as well as the large volume of Innovited items on eBay, it is not feasible for Innovited to contact sellers directly.

Q: Why did eBay allow me to post my auction if it is illegal?
A: eBay cannot conduct a comprehensive pre-screening process to account for all violations.  As such, the ability to post auctions of infringing merchandise, trademarks or copyrighted material does not mean that the auction is legal.

Q: Can I still list my items if I explicitly state it is “not genuine,” “Innovited-like,” “Innovited -inspired” or any other similar phrase?
A: No.  Disclaimers regarding the authenticity of goods do not satisfy state and federal copyright and trademark laws.

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