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4c's ג€“ Colored gemstones

Gemstones, diamonds and colored stones are graded according to the 4c's criteria

Color Clarity Cut, Carat

Unlike with diamonds, there is no trade accepted standard for grading the 4c's

of colored gemstones



Scientifically speaking, color is divided into three components: hue, saturation

and tone. Yellow and blue, the hues found adjacent to green on the spectral color wheel,

 are the normal secondary hues found in emerald.

Emeralds occur in hues ranging from yellowish green to bluish green.

 The color of any Type of colored gemstone hue must be bright vivid throughout the entire stone

Color images

Gemstone's color may vary from the posted images (e.g. shade, hue, saturation )

depending on the lighting used when examined, and whether placed in a jewel or

presented loose

The posted images were taken while using white neon light which is the standard light

used by professionals to examine gemstones

When comparing the gemstones to the posted images, white neon light should be used

to avoid color distortion ( e.g. natural light or warm indoor light is likely to change hue

and saturation )

Keep in mind that same colore may vary from one computer monitor to another,

 depending on the brand, calibration or set up.


Clarity grading

VVS 1-2  - Very high quality : very Tiny microscopic inclusions which are hardly detected under a 10X magnification loupe

Vs 1-2 -  Fine quality :very slight, tiny inclusions, difficult to see by the naked eye and which do not effect the overall look of the gem

SI 1-2 Very good: a close look by the naked eye will reveal internal inclusions or flaws. Minor visual effect to the overall look of the gem

J 1-2  Good : Many small inclusions and / or flaws which are easily seen. They effect the overall appearance of the gem



The cut should be of good and esthetic proportions and angles to enhance the color
and the brilliancy of the stone


Carat is the weight size of gemstones. 1 cart is a fifth of a gram. The price of a gemstone,
 Is calculated by a unit price multiplied by the carat weight


Natural Gemstones Enhancement- Lab Certificate

Our gemstones, whether set in jewelry or loose are 100% natural gemstones
Unless otherwise specified, our Aquamarines, Sapphires and Rubies are heated, Emeralds are
minor oiled. . These natural gemstones enhancement is in accordance with acceptable
industry standards and are stable and durable
Upon request we will supply a Lab Certificate authenticating the Natural Gem qualities
 This service is provided for additiional cost