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Coconut Country Living | Simply the best organic gluten free paleo keto superfoods, coconut oil, turmeric.
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Coconut Products
Coconut Products


What is it about the magical power of coconuts and the spices of the East?

These healing ingredients from the “Tree of life” and the “miracle tree” are only matched by spices that have literally been worth their weight in gold.

Seekers of the ancient remedies and amazing taste of these natural foods can now share these secrets with others.



Steeped in its tradition of Ayurveda, Coconut Country Living brings you the finest organic spices from India and Sri Lanka. These potent powders bring not only flavor to your kitchen but health to your body, from turmeric and ginger powder to Ceylon cinnamon sticks and powder, whole peppercorns, and cloves.


Too good to be a fruit, nut, or vegetable. It gives the essence of life to so many people around the world. No wonder that it has been called the “Tree of Life”. Gluten-free and keto and paleo friendly: try our amazing coconut oil, and don’t forget our shredded coconut and mouth watering coconut butter! 😍

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