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 WE AIM TO PLEASE! Old stuff, new stuff, and closeout stuff. All at a good price. I am especially susceptible to low offers on multiple items as it is almost as easy to pack a few items as one. REMEMBER there is a $2 S&H discount on each item after the first.

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My wife and I are retired here in Gautier, Mississippi.  We recently moved here from Greenville, TX.  I retired from Insurance and Real Estate.

A few years back I decided to learn about antiques.  I found out there was too much to learn so I specialized in Coca-Cola of which I have an extensive collection.  I am digitizing my Coke collection and am going to sell items on e-bay.  That way, even after the item is sold, it is like still in my collection since I have a picture of what I once held in my hand.

My new interest is items made in Japan especially Occupied Japan.  I plan to do the same as I am doing with my Coke collection.  Digitize items I have and then sell them.

The year before last I bought (on the spare of the moment) an antique shop and sold it about a year later.  To reduce the price of the shop to the buyer I kept about 2,000 smaller items that I plan to sell on e-bay.  I know virtually nothing about the items.  They could be a 'treasure' or they could be junk.  I had a great time while I owned the shop but did not learn a lot about antiques as I had someone else run it.

I have an interest in just about everything, especially antiques, history, the Bible, Coca-Cola, and items made in Japan.  If you would like to converse about any of the above, just e-mail me at TALKER@CABLEONE.NET .  Also, if you know something about an item that I have listed e-mail me.

DISCLAIMER:  I have lots of old books and LPs.  I will be listing them.  I can not possibly read or listen to them all.  If you know that something is particularly vulgar or demonic in nature, please e-mail me and I will destroy it.




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