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 Welcome to the wonderful world of white gauges! If you have a questions regarding any of our store items please view our frequently asked question or tutorials page below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer 5 colors of LED's; blue, green, red, amber and white.  Our LED's can be put in your cluster to change the color of the illumination. To check what type of bulbs you will need for your instrument cluster please refer to the specific top information bar located on every vehicle auction page. The 4 types of LED illumination bulbs we offer are:

4 point 194 - $5.00 per piece


(wedge base with 4 LED's)


6 SMD 194- $8.00 per piece


(surface mount LED wedge base with 6 LED's) - Super Bright

4 point BA9- $5.00 per piece


(bayonet metal push/twist base with 4 LED's)


1 SMD 74 - $5.00 per piece


(surface mount LED mini wedge base with 1 led) - Super Bright

Just about every instrument cluster will use one of the above bulbs. Most vehicles after 1970 use the 194 style bulb.  On some vehicles, LED lighting is not available and will specify on the auction what will work if any. It may be because we do not have the bulbs that fit, or the manufacturer has designed the gauges to not work with LED lighting.

On OLDER VEHICLES, our coloured LED's give your cluster a neat glow. The illuminations comes from the back of the cluster but uses a bezel to reflect the light onto the front of the gauges.

On NEWER VEHICLES, our colored LED's change the color of the lettering and markings of your cluster. The illumination comes from the back of the cluster and shines through the markings and numbers.

LED's are shipped within the United States via USPS Priority Mail. For ALL international orders, we use USPS Express Mail. There is no other way to ship internationally orders with guaranteed tracking. The fixed price for shipping outside the United States is $32.00, for more information on international orders CLICK HERE.


We offer glow wire for our customers who want a bit more out of their cluster or for those instrument clusters that need light distributed evenly throughout the cluster.  The wire comes in 5' lengths, and can be put anywhere.  Common places are in the cluster, in the dash or simply installed inside or outside the vehicle. These kits comes with detailed pictures and step by step instructions, these kits are very easy to install and come in 5 different colors; red, white, green, blue and yellow.




We offer 4 different color 1 oz. needle paint for your needles. If your needles are faded these paints can help out drastically. We offer them in black, silver, orange, red and white. Our needle paint is also specialty made to match out color changes for our gauge overlays and the orange is specialty made to exact match the florescent needles to give the needles a brand new look.





If your cluster lens isn't up to par with the rest of your dash, we offer a $5.00 lens polish kit to clean it up. It can take out hairline scratches and remove hazing from the lens. The plastic polish comes in a tube, has enough to do about 2 instrument lenses and is very easy to use since the polish is specialty formatted to take care of any minor scratches on your clear gauge lens.




Our installation kit is a small $5.00 kit that will help you install your white gauges properly. It comes with a small spray bottle, a squeegee and a razor blade. Improperly installed gauges will give you problems such as bubbling and wrinkling.




We offer optional X-TERMAL laminate for our white gauges. They give your gauges a different look. The gauges without the lamination are a semi-gloss material, and we offer both a matte and glossy laminate. Most of our HVAC's already come with matte lamination on them. The laminate will extend the life of the white gauges but it is not needed, mainly the lamination is for an added effect and look for people that need more then the basic white gauge set that we offer.

Please note that some white gauges sets are not compatible with the lamination, you need to reference the top bar of the auction page for your specific vehicle. This shows if the lamination is compatible or not.




For some vehicles, we also offer the HVAC overlays. Most of them are laminated with our matte laminate, but a few are not. If you do not see a HVAC control listed for your vehicle you can send in a request for one HERE. The more requests and demand we have for a specific vehicle or heater control the quicker we release it so make sure to tell friends and post the news on your favorite forum.



Resurfacing kits are made to order. There are too many options to keep them all in stock, so we make them as they are ordered. It usually takes 2-3 business days to get the resurfacing kits made and shipped.

Resurfacing kits are always sent USPS Priority Mail in the United States. For international orders, they are always shipped Express Mail.

CLICK HERE for domestic and international shipping information.



Our white gauges are made of a vinyl plastic with thermally printed markings. The material is rated outdoor durable for over 6 years, so inside your instrument cluster they should last for the life of the car. They do not wrinkle or bubble with the weather, guaranteed!

The installation of the white gauges is really easy. They go on top of your stock gauges, and we have everything cut out to the precise size so you do not even have to pull the needles off. They are adhesive backed, so to install them you mist the back of the overlay with a mild soapy water solution. This is so you can position them correctly before they stick down. Once you have the gauges where you want them, you use a small squeegee and press the moisture out.



We offer a in house gauge restoration and repair service, we service a fair amount of dodge and Chevy instrument clusters and depending on what service your cluster needs will depend on the price or rebuild so contact us today to get a quick price. We also can re-calibrate speedometers so a higher reading and the service we have for this is very reasonably priced.

CLICK HERE to contact and ask us about pricing.



We offer color changes on our white gauges and we can do almost any combination. The price for color changes are $50.00 per gauge set. Since the color changes are custom, the time it takes to ship your order will be extended by 7-10 business days. The colors available depends on your vehicle and you can check the specific top information bar on the auction page of your vehicle type or contact us for more details.




Any order that is not something we normally stock is considered a custom order. This applies to color changes and resurfacing kits. These all have additional processing time of 7-10 business days. Depending on the job or the custom order and how long it takes us to make, complete, print and cut will effect the price. Most custom orders are usually around $30-$90 for a basic price range so CONTACT US for more details.

Custom Gauge Service (requires sending in an instrument cluster unit to our production shop)

We also offer a custom gauge service which involves sending in a cluster for 1-2 weeks. Our highly skilled installation department will install the white gauges in the cluster, send an extra white gauge set and the instrument cluster back to you in a timely manner depending on the services listed below. There are two types of (send in) custom gauge services:


Involves sending in an extra instrument cluster unit, we ship you a finished white gauge kit to install in your working or current cluster that is in your vehicle.
Be aware that you will not receive your cluster back with this service. Shipping cost for customers are saved with this service in turn we don't send the instrument cluster back with the white gauge package.



This service is exactly the same as service #1. You will receive your instrument cluster unit back professionally installed be our installation department, along with a separate white gauge set for installing in a vehicle cluster of your choice. Be aware we recommended sending us a spare cluster. The units are stripped down for white gauge conversion and then put back together. Sometimes the internals can be damages.

Price:$85.00 ships USPS First Class Mail on all standard white gauge orders. If the order contains items such as LED's, needle paint or glow wire then the order is shipped USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.
Transit times for First Class mail is usually 7-10 business days. Priority Mail is usually 2-5 business days.
All orders placed on our website are shipped using USPS Priority Mail.
Our regular shipping days are; Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Orders placed prior to noon on the shipping day are usually processed and shipped on the same day. Unless it is a custom order, then the custom order information applies.

Shipping Carrier: uses the United States Postal Service for our shipping needs. Please make sure your address is USPS friendly when placing your order. We do not offer any other shipping methods. For international orders, we ship USPS Parcel Post. If the order contains LED's or other specialty products, we use Express Mail.

CLICK HERE for more information on International shipping.



For orders placed we can use the faster USPS Priority Mail service. You need to email us before placing your order though or call and place your order with the order department at 1-866-935-6200 this is so we can get you the correct pricing. These orders still ship on our standard shipping days which are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Overnight Shipping:
We offer overnight shipping on most domestic orders. Please contact us for pricing and details at 1-866-935-6200 or by email

If you order overnight shipping BEFORE 1:00PM on a shipping day, it usually goes out that day. However, with our postal service pick up schedule it actually does not make it to the post office branch until the evening. So if you ordered something on Monday morning and paid for overnight shipping, you probably will not have it until Wednesday morning.

If you want the item shipped the same day, there will be a RUSH PROCESSING FEE. This fee is basically there to cover a special trip to the post office we will have to make. Same day shipping orders HAVE TO BE PLACED by 3:00PM MST.

*Custom orders such as color changes or resurfacing kits are not eligible for overnight shipping.



International orders are shipped USPS First Class Mail International, this is a fancy name for letter mail. White gauge sets and install kits are shipped this way and can take a little over 2 weeks to receive, sorry but customs can hold packages for this long.

Our LED's, color changes and resurfacing kits are shipped USPS Express Mail and we ship this way for tracking purposes. This is non negotiable rate that starts at $32.00. Attention: International shipping rates do apply to Canadian customers.

CANADA Specific Information:
We love our northern neighbours here at but unfortunately you live in a different country, so certain factors apply.

Express Mail shipping IS the same rate for Canadian customers. Unfortunately, you can send a package to us with CHEAP tracking… but we cannot do the same. The only way for us to track a package going into Canada is by using Express Mail.

With international shipping comes SHIPPING TIME. You may just be across the border from us, but sometimes things can take 14+ business days to get to you. Your customs likes to hold on to things randomly so please be patient with your package that was shipped. We can't explain it, but all we can tell you is the 7-10 business days we promise our United States USPS recipients, we cannot promise our Canada Post recipients so please be patience.

CLICK HERE for information on KM/H white gauges.



Most orders usually ship within 2-3 business days. Once they have left our facility, they usually take 3-7 business days for delivery. We ship United States Postal Service, so please make sure you can receive USPS shipments at the address you provided. If something is wrong with your order, we try to email you immediately. Sometimes our emails get filtered by spam filters so you have no idea we emailed you. Please make sure to check your spam folder. What we will need to look up your order is your full mailing address and method of payment. You can also click the link below to check your order status if you ordered online.




We offer a lifetime warranty on our white gauges. If the product is defective we will replace it. It is highly recommended to order an installation kit with your order since our warranty does not cover installation error or any other damage caused by improper use of the product. Our white gauges are very durable against the sun and UV rays so you know they will last forever in your vehicles, especially with out lifetime warranty.



We prefer PayPal as a payment; but we also accept checks, money orders and all major credit cards. If you call us to pay for an item with an American Express there is a $2.00 service fee.



Email: Contact us via ebay message system
Questions/Orders: 1-801-265-1100

The best way to reach us is by sending an email, we respond usually in 24 hours and with descriptive information. Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 10am to 6pm Mountain Standard Time. We are closed on all holidays.

4740 S Riverside Dr.
Murray, Utah 84123



White gauges is the worlds largest supplier of classic and modern automotive white gauges and dash modification accessories. We have been researching and developing white gauges since 2002 with exclusive our quality products pertaining to white gauges for the automotive world. We develop specialty white gauges for all years, makes and models and even do custom colors and orders. Why we are different is because we release white gauges for older vehicles such as 70's, 80's all the way to current model vehicles.




We are selling white gauge OVERLAYS. Our overlays go on top of your stock gauges. We are NOT selling the entire gauge cluster assembly. Since our white gauges are overlays and overlay the top of the factory faces there is no need for removing the needles, taking off your original faces or rewiring your cluster. Our overlays are 100% factory matched just in white and keep your stock lighting so the lighting will match the rest of the lighting in the vehicle such as heater controls and headlight controls.



With our white gauges, needle removal IS NOT NECESSARY. In fact, we do not recommend it at all since this can damage your instrument cluster. If you feel the need to remove your needle, a kitchen fork is a good tool. Just place the prongs under the base of the needle and gently press down on the fork. ONCE AGAIN, NEEDLE REMOVAL IS NOT NECESSARY OR RECOMMENDED FOR INSTALLATION OF OUR WHITE GAUGES.



Sorry but we do not sell the cluster units or parts, most clusters that we do have on had are either broken or need to be repaired so if you are looking for a specific part for a cluster we might be able to help you out. Try another search on eBay there are all sorts of sellers selling clusters that are in working order.



We do not offer returns on our products, but we do offer exchanges. The item needs to be 100% resalable for an in store credit. In store credit is valid for 6 months. You can even transfer your in store credit to another persons account if someone else has a use for any dash modification accessories. This includes anything in our online store (excluding color changes and custom orders).



We have 2 kinds of competitors. There are the glow gauges, and the cheap paper overlays. Our white gauge overlays are the most inexpensive way to achieve an OEM white gauge look without sacrificing anything.
The glow gauges may look neat, but they also look cheesy at the same time. Most of the time they do not retain the OEM look, and they just use whatever font comes to mind. Not to mention the colors are everywhere. You will have rings of light randomly. Some people like this look, but it doesn't look OEM and will not match the the look or the lighting in your car.
The other kind of white gauges are the paper ones. Most of the time they are printed on a giant label, and laminated. They do not come pre-cut, so how the gauges look installed is directly related to how much time you spend cutting them out. Make sure to keep them away from water or anything else. After all, they are paper.

CLICK HERE for a comparison on our competitors products and our WHITE GAUGES



If you don't see your vehicle type and year in our eBay store that means we just have not developed that particular set yet . If you are looking for the white gauges you can fill the form out HERE and send us a request for your vehicle type. The responses are categorized by make and model so tell your friend or post on a forum so we receive request from customers interested in purchasing a white gauge kit, this will drastically speed up the development process for your vehicle. If you are interested in sending in your cluster CLICK HERE for more information.



Unless otherwise specified on our web site or in the auction, we only have the MPH overlays. Since we are based in the United States, that is our unit of measurement. It is nearly impossible for us to get KM/H clusters here. We can do a custom gauge service for you if you can get us a spare instrument cluster. Please see our section labeled 'Custom Orders' or send us an email at

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