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Zero Sales Tax

One of the advantages when choosing Watch Chest is your purchase is sales tax exempt. This adds up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars saved when purchasing a high value item.


We've put together a list of what several states would charge you for purchasing a watch worth $10,000 in their state. Remember, almost all local government also add on a local surtax on top of the general salex tax. This is denoted in the graph as the column, "Total with Max Local Surtax".


State General Sales Tax General Sales Tax paid on $10K Transaction Total with Max Local Surtax Total with Max Local Surtax paid on $10K Transaction
California 7.5% $750 10% $1000
Florida 6% $600 7.5% $750
New York 4% $400 8.875% $887.5
Texas 6.25% $625 8.25% $825


If your state is not listed here please visit Wikipedia to see sales tax rates in your state.