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What Customers Say

Hello Vanity Lounge,

Just wanted to send you
all a great big thank you for the fabulous Hugo Boss suit. It's truly fantastic!!! Exactly what we were looking for!

You have won us over as Vanity Lounge customers and we will definitely consult your website for future purchases. You offer a very professional, personalized and quality service. What more could someone ask for?

Thanks again!

Phoenix and David
Montreal, Canada

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At VANITY LOUNGE we offer only the best brand names and highest quality goods and proudly stand behind their authenticity.

Authenticity can be verified in any store that carries our designers. Selling and buying non-authentic brand items is a crime and punishable by law. Genuine merchandise has its price and doesn't come cheap. As a general rule of thumb one can say that 'any bargain too good to be true usually is'.

Since anything between 75 and 95% of all goods on eBay are counterfeit, we would like to help you make an informed purchasing decision with the information below.

Also, feel free to share your eBay-authenticity experiences with us and send us an email.


These are the most important red flags when evaluating the authenticity of merchandise offered on eBay:
  • The seller is registered in one of the countries “famous” for fake textiles such as China (including Hong Kong), India, Turkey, Bulgaria or Romania.

  • The item is located in one of those countries. (Unfortunately fake sellers are not honest with their answers. Oftentimes they are even registered with multiple eBay accounts in the UK, Canada or the US.)

  • The seller offers multiple designers and photos show the same design details of most goods, i.e. these sellers simply sew in different labels once the order is in. The product itself is always the same! Always look at the seller's other items as well and don't just stick with one item. Compare!

  • Sellers with huge sales volumes of specific brands are most certainly not selling genuine goods. No luxury brand would deliver that much to only one distributor.

  • Still the best sign for fraud is an incredibly cheap price though. Quality comes at a certain price and bargains that seem too good to be true usually just are!

Of course we all know that selling and buying fake textiles is not quite the right thing to do but here are the most important reasons WHY our gut feeling is not misleading us:
  • It is illegal to sell and buy counterfeit merchandise. Nowadays severe legal actions must be expected and it's quite likely your goods will be seized by customs.

  • You are taking serious health risks when wearing fake textiles. Most of them have been treated with illegal chemicals *known to cause cancer* and were banned by all reputable manufacturers decades ago.

  • Most times even the lower price you pay for non-authentic textiles is still too high compared to the poor quality you get.

  • Colors bleach out sooner.

  • Clothes don’t fit the way they are supposed to.

  • Once washed, clothes may show wear and tear.

  • Last but not least, what a disaster if your friends find out you’re wearing fakes! After all, who wants to be exposed an impostor?


Feel free to share your eBay-authenticity experiences with us and send us an email.