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We are out of town until September 1st sfo there may be a delay with shipping your purchases until we return.

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A "simple" Collector
I am a "simple" man who is retired and happens to be a coin and art bar collector... and who happens to buy and sell on E Bay. I mostly buy. I am NOT an expert in any stretch of the imagination but I have been in this business for over 40 years.....mostly for my own fun! I am NOT a grading service, and DO NOT represent myself as such, however I will give my opinion from time to time in my listings....and their will be some who will disagree with my opinion.....but that's fine too since the coins belong to me as long as they are "listed" on my storefront, and it's only "my" seriously, look at the photos, and "buy the coin, not my opinion." I am also a very "strong advocate" in the preservation of old coins and art bars, because of their historical value. I always wear "white cotton gloves" when handling my coins. When I look at these coins, I see Wild Bill Hickok....Billy the Kid....and Wyatt Earp! I see Rudolph Valentino.....William Faulkner....and Henry Ford! And so several years ago I decided to encapsulate any and all coins and bars purchased by me which were not already slabbed, so as to protect them from future exposure to oily fingers and other elements. Again, I always use "white cotton gloves" while placing the coins in protective slabs and coin sleeves. Most of the coins and bars I have listed here were either slabbed before the photos were taken for the listings, or slabbed "after" their photos were taken......which means, if the coin you purchase is not shown in the photos as slabbed, there's a good chance it will be slabbed when you receive it.....or, if you purchase a coin from me which is shipped "not" slabbed, it's simply because it shipped before my "white cotton gloves" took the time to encapsulate it....either way, it's the same I encapsulate my coins for one reason, and one reason makes "me" happy knowing they are preserved; avoiding any future contact with the "greasy, grimy" elements! Again, my slabbing of the coins and bars I purchase is for protection, not for looks or some marketing strategy.....and BUYERS who want to replace the "slabs" I use with a different slab which looks nicer to them, are certainly welcome to do so......I certainly understand. Again, they are for protection, not looks! I welcome your business, but even if you choose not to purchase today, I appreciate your taking time out of your busy day to shop my store and enjoy the history I have displayed just for you! Coin collecting should not only be for investment.......... but for fun!