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Make the BEST choice when buying a cell phone. First you need to determine your needs. Here are 3 basic questions you need to ask yourself, and answers to those questions.

1. Do I need a Smart Phone OR a Basic Feature Phone?

The answer is that you need to find out what features are important to you, and another large factor is COST. If all you do is text, make calls, and use the calculator / calendar on your phone then a basic messaging or feature phone may be for you. They are less expensive and the plans are MUCH less.

If you demand more such as internet access, access to entertainment on the go, and social networking, then you need a smart phone.

2. What smart phone should I choose? There are so many!

Blackberry - They are the BEST for email. An email to a Blackberry will reach you BEFORE it hits your inbox. They are very simple to use, many have full keyboards, and can be purchased used for a very low price. They also have a good assortment of Social networking, games, and other base applications. They are, however, the least popular of the 4 standards.

Windows - This is the 3rd most popular platform. The Windows phones models are manufactured by several companies - HTC, Samsung, and Lumia. Lumia is the official phone of Microsoft. They have a very intuitive interface, have a decent but limited application list, and have Xbox Live which brings an excellent, but limited game list. Social networking is VERY good on the Windows Phones. A HUGE plus of Windows is that they have the BEST access to Office and other Microsoft Applications.

Android - Android has the broadest selection of devices, and thousands of applications. Android does not have the same restrictions for applications submitted by developers as iPhones, so you get very interesting applications such as ones that can emulate and play old Super Nintendo games. They are wonderful for social networking, and are also very intuitive. If you need a keyboard or just a touch screen, there are devices for you!

iOS or Apple - Apple has some of the BEST hardware and the most robust phones on the market. They have thousandss of apps, each approved by Apple themselves to ensure they meet minimum expectations. If you want a phone that will last a VERY long time and is very stable, Apple is the way to go. There is no Apple device with a physical keyboard.

3. Which phone is compatible with my plan? Here are some basic rules...

UNLOCKED means it will work with almost any GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) carrier. Carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, Rogers, Telus, Bell, and many Pre-Paid companies use GSM technology. You need to verify that the phone's technology / supported bands are compatible with your carrier. Many times you may find this information on Google, on website such as, or by simply calling your carrier.

CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) - Carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, Boost, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, are CDMA companies. They will not work with Unlocked Phones and you must get a phone "branded" by this carrier. You also want to make sure the phone has a "clean" serial number or ESN. If someone still owes money on the old cell phone bill then the phone cannot be activated.

In conclusion there are many options out there. If you cannot decide, watch some reviews of the different models on Those can be very helpful.

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PC World Magazine ran a sting on Several large companies. SoonerSoft pass with flying colors! They wanted to see if resellers did actually wipe the data off used phones to protect former users. We always do our best to do this! Design by Sally Milo - MiloDesign