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Questions? Call Solartex toll free : 877-476-5789.  Live representatives available Monday thru Saturday: 9:00 to 9:00 EST. Sunday: 1:00 to 7:00 EST.

Solartex Sun Gear brings the Australian approach to sun protection to the USA!
Solartex Sun Gear, a leader in sun protection products since 1998, offers various UV sun protective products including sunscreen, sun protective clothing, rash guard shirts, sun protection swimwear & sun hats, for babies, children & adults from Australian manufacturers such as C-wear, Stingray and Sun Emporium. All Solartex UV apparel carries an SPF Skin Protection of UPF 50+ (UPF is the SPF equivalent for UV clothing and UPF 50+ is the highest rating available) and virtually all items are chlorine resistant as well, so that they last much longer than ordinary sun protective wear. We also carry sun hats from Sunday Afternoon and San Diego Hats.

In addition, Solartex carries two types of sunscreen, one made by Mexitan that is chemical free and one made by Solrx that is waterproof. Either of these sunblocks would be a great choice for those parts of the body that are not covered by clothing!

Solartex also has My Pool Pal and Aqua Force kids flotation device swimsuits, swim diapers, & sunglasses as well as many other accessories.

Our Cwear products have the endorsement of the Skin & Cancer Foundation of Australia!
Solartex carries only the best UV Sun Protective Swimwear, Rash Guards, Surf Shirts, Swim Shirts, Sun Protection Hats and UV Sun Protective Clothing on the market. With a SPF / UPF 50+ rating, Solartex's UV apparel and UV swimwear block 98% of all UVA & UVB rays. Our products are resistant against chlorine, have excellent stretch and recovery, and are quick drying. We have UV Sun Protective Clothing for swimming, running, boating, gardening, and/or any activity under the sun.

Fun in the Sun!
You may enjoy having fun in the sun but without adequate protection, the UV radiation is damaging to your skin! Over exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause short term health effects such as sunburn, wrinkles and sun spots. Long term exposure to ultraviolet radiation can increase the risk of damage to the skin which may cause skin cancer and eventually Melanoma, as well as damage to the eyes which may result in cataracts. You can relax and have fun in the sun when you use our sun protection products.

Why is Solartex the best company worldwide in UV Protection sportswear and swimwear?
UV Sun Protective Clothing and UV Swimwear (SPF Clothing or Sunscreen Clothing) started over a decade ago and originated from Australia, where the risks of too much sun exposure have long been evident. Solartex was founded in 1998 to import and sell sun protective UV Clothing, UV Swimwear and Rashguard shirts in the United States. Solartex is one of the original sun protective UV Clothing and UV Swimwear internet companies! The Cwear brand was our first brand and has been our favorite, with a very loyal following among our customers. We have added products by Sun Emporium and Stingray, both of which are also Australian companies with fabulous products.

What does the Solartex sun protective range include?
Our comprehensive outdoor range of UPF/SPF of 50+ sunwear covers all ages from babies to adults and our products are perfect for swimming, gardening, cycling, jogging, and even a day of shopping. We carry sunblock clothing styles of sun protective clothing, UV protective swimwear, Sun Hats, UV Stinger suits, Sun Protection Clothes for adults, UV swimsuits, UPF swimwear, SPF sunscreens, UPF50+ beach/water shoes, Ladies UV suits, Kids Sun Hats, Adults Rash Guard Shirts, Surf Shirts, Swim Shirts, Unisex Sunsuits, children's UV suits, UV baby and infant products, UV pants, UV jackets, Sunscreens, Sunglasses and various skin care accessories.

Sunscreen alone may not provide adequate protection!
Sunscreens may need to be completely reformulated after researchers discovered the Ultraviolet Rays that cause sunburn are not responsible for skin cancer. A Sydney University team found that UVA Rays (which do no visibly burn the skin) penetrate more deeply and do more harm than UVB Rays, which are responsible for sunburn and have until now been considered the main cause of skin cancer. Dermatology Professor Gary Halliday said the finding by his team could lead to a complete overhaul of sunscreens, which currently provide more protection against UVB rays than UVA rays. Sunscreen also requires that you apply it every time you go outside and it may easily rub or wash off requiring regular reapplications. It's easy to forget and easy to miss a spot, too!

Regular clothing may not be suitable for sun protection!
Some regular clothing may rate as low as 5 (UPF 5), which does not reduce UVR exposure, and does not provide any skin protection from the sun's UV radiation. To be sure about your regular clothing’s rating, special UVR exposure testing must be performed on fabrics by certified laboratories. Our sun protection products are tested to insure that they provide the highest rating in blocking UV Rays, which is UPF 50+ (blocking 98% of the sun's UV radiation).

We hope you will try our products
& we guarantee you will like them!

Cwear products

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