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Sleep Apnea & Natural Sleep Aids for Snore Prevention by Slumberbump


The SlumberBump® Story

What began as a simple idea with humble beginnings is now helping people around the world stop snoring and finally start sleeping soundly...

How SlumberBump® Works

Our unique design helps you sleep comfortably on your side. SlumberBump is a very simple solution to a complex ailment affecting millions.

Raves and Reviews

Don't take our word for it! Find out who else is wearing SlumberBump® and how it is changing their livessss.

Sleep tight with your perfect fit and personalized style.

Is your CPAP machine causing as many problems as it’s supposed to be solving? Then it’s time you considered a Sleep Belt from SlumberBump. Doctors have known for years that something as simple as sleeping on your side can eliminate or reduce most cases of seep apnea.

SlumberBump is a non-medicated solution to help you sleep comfortably on your side, all night long without struggling with a CPAP machine all night. By sleeping on your side it allows your jaw to rest in a comfortable position that naturally keeps your airway open and clear all night.

Stop snoring now. Give SlumberBump a try. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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