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  • Duplicator Double Package
The way the duplicator is packed for shipping can make the difference between receiving a functional unit in perfect condition and a damaged unit that may not function properly or at all. Most duplicator retailers package their duplicator in some kind of foam, but a single layer is not effective enough to protect against common handling by shipping providers. If a package becomes damaged upon shipping, the shipping carrier will investigate the way the product was packed and based on their findings, will determine whether they will pay out on a claim. All shipping providers mandate that a package must be meet minimum packing requirements, but even those may fall short for electronic equipment such as a duplicator.

Our units are double packed with at least 1 inch foam between the outer and inner boxes. SandyYang duplicators are packed in protective foam inside a cardboard box. That box is then suspended in a larger box using protective foam supports. This added precaution will ensure that your unit will arrive safe with no damage from the normal wear and tear that takes place during shipping. Some retailers claim to double pack their units but they just pack one box in another without the added layer of foam support. This does nothing to protect the duplicator inside. We assure you that all of SandyYang duplicators are shipped using the proper double packing method ensuring the duplicators safety. If you purchase a duplicator from another retailer, make sure it's properly double packed with 1 box suspended in another by 2 layers of protective foam or there is a significant risk of damage!

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