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Keiichi Nakamura

Traditional Artisan

"Creating the warm glow of tin"

SUZUKOU carefully crafts all its products by hand, and has created many fans over the past few decades. The art of tinsmithing was introduced around 1200–1300 years ago when tea arrived from China with tin teapots. After that, because tin is superior to other metals in rust resistance and heat retention, it came to be used primarily for sake cups and teacups.

We inspect the feel of each and every one of the various products created by our craftsmen at SUZUKOU individually. Our products are unique in the way they fit in the hand and their lustrous mirror-like finish, which cannot be achieved by a machine. We also calculate how much light our products reflect, and create objects that delight the eye, such as those with whirling patterns.

We use 97% high-quality tin, which allows us to create a modern feel and a warm glow that other metals cannot replicate. Because our original products, such as those engraved with initials, are made by hand, they are very popular with both gift recipients and givers. Also, the five-color tumbler that we began selling last year is very popular with foreign customers.

We are committed to the making of handicrafts in this day and age, and are actively engaged in collaboration with craftsmen in other industries and in exchange of product design. To respond to diversification in this modern age, we offer products that can be used regularly for many years to come.

*Initial engraving specifically uses the first letters of the name. Depending on the shape, we may or may not be able to engrave a product, so please contact us.