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Decal Application Instructions

Items For Installation: PATIENCE - Credit card - Window Cleaner - Lint free cloth - Optional Measuring tape & Alcohol pad

If placing decal on a window it goes OUTSIDE! If decal has lettering and you place it inside the window it will be backwards when viewed from outside.

1) The decal is between the transfer tape on top and wax paper backing on the bottom. Measure for placement if needed. Clean and dry your surface. If applying on a vehicle you may want to use an alcohol pad to remove oil and other grime that you can't see from your surface after cleaning. Your surface temperature should be 60°F - 80°F / 15°C - 25°C or the adhesive will not work.

2)  CRITICAL: You must make sure the transfer tape is sticking to the decal before separating or you will destroy the decal. As above lay your decal flat on a rigid surface and press down hard from the center outwards several times with your credit card or driver's license to make sure the clear grid transfer tape is sticking to the decal.

3) CRITICAL: Turn everything over and slowly remove the blue or white waxed backing as shown. If any decal parts are stuck to the backing simply lay the backing back down and rub again even harder. Still not working? Try a different corner. Discard the backing after removal.

4) Carefully place your decal on your surface in a bowed fashion so the center touches your surface first and then lay the decal out.

5) Gently rub the application tape with your fingers from the center outward. Then get your card and start rubbing from the center outward harder and harder.

6) Allow the decal sit on your surface for a few minutes to allow the adhesive to adhere. Rub the surface a few final times then slowly pull off the transfer tape making sure no decal parts stick to the tape. If the decal is pulling off your surface lay the tape back down and rub even harder then try to remove a different corner. Discard the application tape.

Here are some extra tips:

  • Do not apply decal in direct sunlight on a hot day or if windy.
  • Do not allow decal to get wet for 12 hours after application.
  • If decal is on a vehicle window do not scrape ice or snow near decal.
  • Any bubbles should go away after a couple of weeks. If bubbles remain use a sewing needle to pierce one edge of the bubble and push decal down with finger to allow air to escape.
  • If placing on a vehicle we recommend placing on glass over body for easy removal. Do not place where wipers hit the decal or windows that open/close with weather stripping rubbing the decal.
  • Never place a vinyl decal on a heated surface due to a fire hazard.
  • Application to any surface is at the end users risk and we shall not be held responsible should damage occur.