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ROCK AND ROLL ICON and JESUS ART BY KATA BILLUPS Some of KATA's celebrity collectors include R.E.M., Willie Nelson, Julia Roberts, Trudie and STING etc. See the page Kata's FAMOUS COLLECTORS for more info. Having sold her work to THOUSANDS of collectors across the USA and Europe for years, KATA began a new venture in 2004 with her eBay Gallery. Since that time, over FOUR HUNDRED Patrons have collected KATA's unique hand painted pieces. KATA has Patrons in Paris France, London England, Toronto Canada, Greece, Ireland, Australia and every State in the U.S.A. KATA also has work in major Museums world wide.

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  • Kata's Famous Collectors

My list of Famous Rock and Roll and Music Industry Collectors, Famous Motion Picture Industry Collectors and other Famous Collectors continues to grow.

This list shows the Collector's name and (in some cases) the Title of the piece they own and where they found the work (or works).

Trudie and Sting - were given my work in about 1996 by a former account manager for the legendary Studio 54 in New York City. The woman who purchased the work for a gift to STING and Trudie was a personal friend of theirs and they gave me permission to use their names in my press- as long as BOTH names are used.

Julia Roberts - purchased prints of my work for herself and for her co-star Dennis Quaid. This was around 1995 at a gallery in the Beaufort area named THE RED PIANO TOO. This gallery was near the set location for a film that Julia and Dennis co-stared in named "Something to Talk About". The piece she bought for herself is entitled "Elvis Dreaming of Love" and her gift to Dennis is entitled "Elvis Was a Leg Man". Julia told the store owner that she bought very little art for her home in New Mexico. Julia only purchased my art work from this gallery. The store owner told me she had also admired a print of my piece entitled "the Four Keys to Elvis Success". It is a folk art inspired piece showing four vignettes of Elvis' life and career. In the first one- Elvis is peeling potatoes for his Mama which is key number one-: (Love Your Mama). the other three keys are illustrated in the painting....(GO on TV., POSE WITH PRETTY GIRLS and WEAR FANCY CLOTHES). Julia Roberts sent me and the gallery owner a long personal Thank You note. She is the most friendly and kind celebrity I have been in contact with.

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins - Susan purchased two large Primary Original pieces of my work around 1991 from a non-profit gallery in Memphis. Susan was in Memphis visiting her former husband on the location of one of his films. The titles of the two pieces she purchased are "I Saw Elvis Watching Elvis Impersonators at the County Fair" and "I Saw Elvis Selling Velvet Pictures from a V.W. Van in a Lot" She also visited a local shop in Memphis called EDDIE WORLD and purchased about eight to ten of my smaller framed prints as gifts for her friends. Susan only purchased my work in both venues. Susan is one of my favorite film stars. In a major magazine article she was asked who her heroes were and she cited Jesus Christ as one.

Carry Elwes - purchased my work from a gallery in the Denver area around 1995. I have forgotten the name and location of the gallery. When I locate it- I will add the name in. I think it was called "Fish Head Soup" and has gone out of business.

Jimmy Vaughn - purchased my work from a shop in Memphis named EDDIE WORLD (mentioned above) which was operated by the artist and musician Lamar Sorrento and the artist and writer Suzie Millions.

Jimmy Buffet - purchased my work after seeing it in a gallery on St. Helena's Island (near Beaufort S.C.) named THE RED PIANO TOO (mentioned above). He sent his closest associate to my home to negotiate the purchase of my work. Through her, he bought three Primary Original paintings. The first was a large piece for his home entitled "I Saw Elvis at the Krispee Kreem", the second was a painting for his daughter (about Janis Joplin) entitled "There's No Mercedes or Color T.V.'s in Heaven" and thirdly, he commissioned a very large piece about Elvis entitled "Elvis Impersonators Waiting in line for the Head with Jimmy". This piece currently hangs in a bar Jimmy owns in Key West.

R.E.M. - Each member of the band was given a Replica Original painting of mine in 1996 by their booking manager, Peter Conlon.

Peter Conlon -(R.E.M.'s booking manager) was given my work by a talent developer on Music Row in Nashville.

Trisha Yearwood - was given my work by an executive who represented her on Music Row in Nashville.

Bob Doyle -(Garth Brook's manager) purchased my work from a gallery in Nashville.

Ratso (Larry) Sloman - (Bob Dylan's long time friend who Dustin Hoffman's character is based upon in the film "Midnight Cowboy") purchased a framed print of my piece entitled "The Famous and True Story of When Andy Gave Bob a Painting and Bob Traded it for a Couch" in a gallery in the South East. He called me to say it had been stolen on his plane back to N.Y.C. I sent him a free replacement and we became phone friends. During that time he asked me to donate a painting for Howard Stern's 40th birthday bash In N.Y.C.. I responded by asking if he could take up a collection to purchase my work. I explained that I feel an artist giving his or her work away is unethical. Unfortunately, he did not see it that way. The Wallflowers were beginning to have some of their songs go to the Billboard top 40 and they played the event. In hindsight...I might wish I'd done the work for free (as a moral exception) just in hope of meeting Dylan's son and Howard and Ratso...

Leon and Geri Gast -Leon Directed the award winning documentary film about Muhammad Ali entitled "When We Were Kings", and Geri was an executive in a fortune 500 company in N.Y.C.. They purchased a large Primary Original painting entitled "Shelter From the Storm" and a smaller Primary Original painting with Elvis boxing against Ali.

Janis Ian - was given my work by a Music executive in Los Angeles.

Willie Nelson -was given my work by the previously mentioned Peter Conlon.

The William J. Clinton Presidential Library - had my piece entitled "Elvis Presents a Bill Before Congress" donated to the library by a folk art Gallery named "America Oh Yes!". The donor stipulated that the piece be displayed on the ground floor and not only in Clinton's private office (where only he and his secretaries would see it....//joke implied there in his letter ///....) This was following the Monica Lewinski scandal.

a member of The Mavericks -purchased my Primary Original painting entitled "I Saw Elvis at the Mc Donnalds" directly from me around 1990.

Tim Burton -(the original Director of the Batman Movies) purchased my work from a gallery near Beaufort, S.C.

Randy Quaid - purchased my work from a show in a famous Coffee Shop and Theater in Nashville called "Bongo Java".

After selling my work to THOUSANDS of collectors across the USA and Europe for years via different galleries and venues I started a new venture in 2004 when I began my eBay Gallery.

Since then - I've sold over FIVE HUNDRED pieces to Patrons across the world through eBay.

I have Patrons in Paris France, Toronto Canada, Greece, Ireland, Australia, Chile and EVERY State in the U.S.A.

As an ending thought- my Collectors and Patrons may be interested in knowing that some of my celebrity collectors own framed prints of my work (but I no longer create them). and other famous collectors own PRIMARY ORIGINALS of my work. It depended upon the inventory available to them when they found my work...

and finally- in this picture- (taken in 2013) I am holding a hand painted VERSION of my work- These are hand painted pieces (created entirely by me...) By the way ++=I neither own or employ 'elves' to do my work for me....I create advertise represent and sell my work as a one woman operation.

These pieces are ethically technically legally (and in every way) Original Paintings. The demand for them arose when Patrons admired previously sold pieces and wanted something similar. They are much less expensive than my PRIMARY ORIGINALS or REPLICA ORIGINAL paintings. Often I spend a week or more working on each piece. They often have unique frames which I embellish with hand made mattes and vintage objet d'art'.

Lastly, Many Private Collections and Museums across the world also own my work.