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 TERMINALS: Wyse Terminals, IBM Terminals, Digital DEC Terminals, Link, Adds 4000, HP, Serial, Coax & Twinax. PRINTERS: POS Printers, Banking Printers, Barcode, Okidata Printers, Epson Printer. Digi & Digiboard. All Lan/Wan. Digital Alpha, DEC VAX, DEC Legacy,IBM AS400,IBM RS6000,HP9000.(404)696-4995
Wyse Terminals,Digital VT340
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RJR ELECTRONICS     (404) 696-4995


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Here is a list of all the great products we are buying and selling this month!  We have auctions for many types of equipment.  Please keep in mind that we also buy and sell computer equipment.  If you have equipment that you are selling, we are interested!  Of course there are only certain items we need to buy each month.  To see a list of the items we are buying this month, please go to our website ( and click the icon on the top of the page marked ITEMS WANTED. 

We also sell a wide variety of computer equipment at rock-bottom prices!  Please look below to see all the types of equipment we are selling this month through auctions, through our website, and through our store.  Please consider RJR Electronics for all your needs!  Thanks!  


TERMINALS: Wyse Terminals, IBM Terminals, DEC Terminals, Adds Terminals, Decision Data Terminals, HP Terminals, Hewlett Packard Terminals, Link Terminals, Serial Terminals, Twinax Terminals, AS400 Terminals, Coax Terminals and more. Over 5000 Terminals in stock. We Buy, Sell, Repair and Refurbish Terminals cheap!  Please consider RJR for all your terminal needs!

DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation): DEC Digital Terminals, DEC Digital Servers, DEC Routers, DEC Repeaters, Digital Lan/Wan, Drives, Printers, Digital Equipment VAX, DEC Alpha, Digital Equipment Alpha, DEC Legacy and Digital Equipment Legacy. Great low prices, and a wide selection of hard-to-find DEC equipment.

IBM EQUIPMENT: IBM Terminals, IBM Keyboards, AS400 Keyboards, AS400 Terminals, Lan/Wan, Printers, Midrange, Mainframe, IBM AS400, IBM RS6000 and more. We have over 5000 IBM items in stock. We carry many hard-to-find IBM items at great prices.

DIGI INTERNATIONAL: We have over 4000 Digi items and Digiboard items in stock: All Cards, Muxes, Concentrators & Cables. We are one of the largest and most diverse Digi and Digiboard VAR's in the USA. We can provide a large variety of Digi items, from the rare hard-to-find items, to the newest latest growth products including: Arnet, Avanstar, Central Data, Milan and Stargate products. And we always want to buy your surplus, obsolete, and old Digi items.

UNIX / SCO EQUIPMENT: Equinox, Digiboard, Digi International, Central Data, Arnet, Stargate, Avanstar, Computone, Cubix, All brands of Terminals and Terminal Servers, CSU/DSU, Lan/Wan and more.

POS PRINTERS: We buy sell and repair POS Printers. We carry: Epson POS Printers, IBM Printers, Addmaster Printers, DH Print Printers, Nexus Printers, and more!   Models include: Epson TM200, Epson TM300, Epson TM88, Epson TMH5000 and Epson TMH6000.

PRINTERS: We sell ALL Types: Dot matrix, Line Printers, POS, Serial, Parallel, Twinax, Coax, Bus & Tag, Bar Code, Okidata Printers, IBM Printers, Lexmark Printers, Epson Printers, DEC Digital Printers, HP, Panasonic, TI Printers, Texas Instruments Printers, C.Itoh Printers, Sato Printers and Symbol Printers.

OKIDATA PRINTERS: We buy, sell, and repair Okidata Printers. Over 3500 in stock. We repair & refurbish Oki printers cheap! Dot Matrix Forms Printers: Okidata 182, Okidata 184, Okidata 184 Turbo, Okidata 192, Okidata 194, Okidata 320, Okidata 320-Turbo, Okidata 321, Okidata 321 Turbo, Okidata 390, Okidata 391, Okidata 391-Turbo, Okidata 393, Okidata 395, Okidata 2410, Okidata 3410, Okidata 4410.

BANKING EQUIPMENT: IBM 4700, NCR, Addmaster, DH Print, DHP, Magtek, Maverick and more.  We stock many of the hard-to-find IBM Banking items including:  IBM 4704 Keyboards, IBM 4702 Processor, 4704 Terminals, IBM 4777 MSR, IBM 4710 Printers, IBM 4712 Printers, IBM 4720 Printers, 4722 Printers, IBM 4770 Printer and the IBM 4772 Printer.  We carry Addmaster IJ2040 and Addmaster IJ3160. Currency counters, coin counters and much more! 

LAN/WAN,  NETWORKING:  Over 5000 Networking items available!  Modems, Routers, Hubs, Bridges, Controllers, Concentrators and more. All brands: 3Com, ADC Kentrox, AT&T Paradyne, Bay Network, Cabletron, Cisco, CNET, Codex, Data General, D-Link, Datability, Datatel, Digi International, Digiboard, Emulex, Equinox, General Datacom, Hayes, Idea, IBM, Kentrox, Lexmark, Lucent, Madge, Megahertz, Memorex Telex, Micom, Motorola, Multitech, Newbridge, Nortel, Network General, Paradyne, Penril, Perle, Racal Milgo, Racal Vadic, RAD, Synoptics, Tellabs, UDS, US Robotics, Verilink, Xylan, Xylogics and Xyplex.

MIDRANGE, MAINFRAME:  IBM AS400, IBM RS6000, IBM System 36, IBM System 38, 9672 CMOS, HP3000, HP6000, HP9000, DEC Alpha, DEC VAX & DEC Legacy Equipment.

TELECOM: Central Office, Phone Systems & Phones, CSU/DSU, T1,T3

MICROFILM & MICROFICHE: Kodak, Bell & Howell, Canon, Sunrise, Micrographix

BAR CODE: Eltron Printers, Epson Printers, Zebra Printers, Intermec Printers, Sato Printers, Symbol, Verifone Printers and more!

DOCUMENT IMAGING,  DOCUMENT SCANNERS:  Bell & Howell, Fujitsu, Kodak, Sunrise and Micrographix.

TAPE DRIVES: Fujitsu, Archive, Colorado, Exabyte, IBM, Qualstar, Mountain, Syquest. TAPE MEDIA: New & used surplus tape media

TEST EQUIPMENT: Oscilloscopes, Test Meters, Frequency Counters, Regulated Power Supplies, Soldering & De-soldering Systems, and lots more!

SECURITY EQMT: Security Cameras, Time Lapse VCR's, Mini Cameras, DVR's, Camera Lenses and much more. 

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT:  Blood Chemistry Testers, Blood Analyzers, Microscopes, Audiology Analyzers, Chemistry Equipment, Heaters, Coolers, Ph Testers, Lots of Misc Medical equipment. Call for details! (404) 696-4995

TELEVISIONS, VCR's, CAMERAS:  Professional Television Production Equipment, Cameras, Lenses, Lights, Lots of Misc items. Call for details! (404) 696-4995

MUSIC EQMT: AMPS, MIC's, Sound Systems - Lots of great buys here!

ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS: IC's, Chips, EPROMS, and Misc electronics components.

MISC EQUIPMENT - Robotics, Factory Automation, Sensors, Lots of cool stuff!, etc.


Look for our great auctions.  You can also call us or visit our website and online store to see our complete inventory (404) 696-4995. Thanks!