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Our commitment to doing the best that we can to live sustainably and responsibly and to encourage others to do the same is at the heart of our business.  As consumers, we are inundated by the buyer’s market, making it difficult for us to not overconsume.  We believe that overconsumption is one of our major plights today.


Through participating in reusing, we reduce consumption and many of the issues that surround it.  However, we DO NOT promote any radical ideas, we DO NOT believe that one should not consume, but feel that many people in the world today have forgotten about the differences between necessity, indulgence, and extravagance.  Instead we subscribe to modesty and getting and giving back to the earth.

We live off-grid in remote New Mexico and strive for sustainability on a daily basis…not only for our personal lives, but for our business. The work that we do as REDEFINING REUSABLES is produced with clean solar & wind power energy! In 2009 we spent roughly $2500 for enough solar panels (photovoltaic cells) and absorbent glass matt (AGM) batteries to run our 2 computers, printer, lights, equipment chargers & water pump for personal and business use, as well as watch a movie several times a week and listen to music daily. We are off-grid, not tied into the grid.

Anyone can use alternative energy. It takes an upfront financial commitment, but in the long run it will be paid for and money will be saved. All figured, the amount saved on dirty & destructive coal-powered electricity will be paid for in 2 years. Our heating, cooking & hot water are produced with liquid propane gas & wood. We also collect and re-use water.

By purchasing from our store, you have shown a commitment

to helping our planet by:


1)      Being a conscientious consumer

2)      Buying an item that might otherwise fill our dumps

3)      Taking awareness in environmental issues

4)      Contributing to global sustainability


 Many of our products are new, but they have not been purchased from manufacturers or stores, they are honest to goodness NEW reusables.  Yes, there is such a thing.

We’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this and taking part in, what we feel to be, an extremely important global issue.  We’d also like to say that this type of positive purchasing does not need to be limited to buying or running a business, but can be a total daily mind-set at home, on the road, or in the work place.  Pass it on!

Here are some of the things that we do to offer you a Reusable product that is as environmentally conscientious as possible:


1) All of our work is done with 100% Solar & Wind Energy

2) We USE environmentally safer NON-TOXIC & DEGRADABLE tapes

3) ALL of our labels are printed on REUSED paper or 100% recycled paper

4) We REUSE or construct our own boxes most of the time

5) We REUSE packing materials most of the time

6) We utilize an efficient Energy Star equipment

7) We RECYCLE toner & printer cartridges, scrap metal, & ALL unusable materials - we DO NOT throw things away, but find a us for them (i.e., art)!

8) We offer YOU REUSABLE products for LESS because we are able to pass the savings on to YOU by being environmentally conscientious!

Look for RE-USE ME! on your package and you’ll know that you contributed to the SUSTAINABLE cause!

We appreciate your visiting our store & thanks for REDEFINING shopping!

Jonathan Hafey & Dara Machotka: Co-Owners