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Performance Plus Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do you know what wheel fits my vehicle?
    With over 45 years in the wheel and tire industry we have seen it all. We have worked with various companies as well as vehicle manufactures to gather data for the correct fitment based on the vehicle you used in the eBay compatibility tool. All of our specs are created around the stock version from the dealership of your vehicle. Any vehicles modified will void any recommendations Performance Plus Tire offers. Please include note of year make and model of vehicle with your order as we dont get the details from the compatibility tool. If you have ANY questions about the fitment please contact us through eBay messaging. We can not be held responsible for any fitment issues if you dont use the eBay compatibility tool or you do not contact us. We GUARANTEE fitment if you follow this information provided.

    What does Offset Mean? How does it relate to backspacing?
    The offset of a wheel is the distance from its hub mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel. The offset can be one of three types (measured in millimeters). Backspacing, similar to offset, is the distance from the hub mounting surface to the inside lip of the wheel (measured in inches).

    How can I determine the bolt pattern of my car?
    Bolt pattern or bolt circle is the diameter of an imaginary circle formed by the centers of the wheel lugs. Bolt patterns can be 4-, 5-, 6-, or 8-lug holes. A bolt circle of 4x100 would indicate a 4-lug pattern on a circle with a diameter of 100mm. If you have any questions on this please contact us! We can generally advise you on what bolt pattern your car has.

    I received my wheels but I can't find the lug nuts.
    If included at the time of order the lug nuts wlll all be placed into one of the wheel boxes. Our shipping department puts a bright yellow or pink sticker on the box that contains the lug nuts.

    What is the purpose of centering rings? Are they required?
    Some wheels are designed to fit multiple vehicle models and will use a centering ring system to reduce the bore size to match the hubs of different vehicles. These rings help to keep the wheel precisely centered on the vehicle hub as the lug hardware is torqued down. The clamping force of the lug hardware in the lug seats is what mechanically centers and secures the wheel in place on the hub.

    Why do I need to re-torque the lug hardware on new wheels?
    It's very important to go back and re-torque your lug hardware after the first 50-100 miles of driving on your new wheels. The lug seats of the new wheels will slightly compress and loosen up under the lug hardware as you begin to drive on them. Once this initial breaking in period is over and you re-torque the wheels, it should not be required again until you remove the wheels for rotation or service. Failure to re-torque the lug hardware can allow the lugs to loosen up causing serious vibrations, and in many cases, damage to the wheels, lug hardware, and the vehicle.

    Why don't you have wheels listed for my vehicle?
    Proper size is more than a round wheel of an exact diameter. To properly fit a vehicle a wheel must have the proper bolt pattern, centerbore, offset, width and load capacity to match the measurements we've taken from the vehicle itself. If a wheel's measurements and specs aren't correct for a vehicle, it will not be listed in search results. Sometimes, if a vehicle is brand new or is an exotic brand, we won't have immediate access to it for measuring purposes. Wheels won't be listed as a match until we can get the necessary measurements. We set stringent guidelines for the wheels we offer so that you can be sure you are getting the right fit.

    What is the proper torque for wheel installation?
    Proper installation requires that the wheel lug torque be set to the recommended specification for your vehicle. These torque specifications can be found in your vehicle's owner's manual, shop repair manual or obtained from your vehicle dealer. Since the thickness of an alloy wheel can differ from Original Equipment wheels, also verify that the lug nuts or bolts will engage the threads.

    Can I use my O.E. hardware when I buy new wheels?
    If your new alloy wheels arrive packaged with brand new hardware, it's critical that you use only the new hardware we provide with the wheels! Do not use your vehicleÂ’s original lug nuts or bolts unless your invoice has a note instructing you to re-use your original hardware. Keep a set of your original lug nuts or bolts in your glove box or trunk in case you need them to mount your spare wheel and tire in an emergency! The same is true for any adapter sockets, locking lug keys, or extenders we send with your new wheels.

    I see wheels that are listed with a PVD finish. What is a PVD finish?
    A PVD finish is applied similar to electrostatic painting. PVD chrome wheels are up 2-3 lbs lighter than their chrome counterparts. This is because the actual media used to coat the wheels weighs far less than traditional chrome plating. Because PVD doesn't add extra weight to your wheels, this helps decrease rotating mass. This reduction in weight is always good to boost your ability to get up and go!

    PVD wheels can also be used in all-weather types, year-round. They only require basic cleaning, with soap and water, during your normal car wash. This is especially important to consider in inclement climates, like the Midwest or East Coast. During snowy, winter conditions, it is common for Magnesium Chloride and salt to be used on roads. This unfortunately not only eats away at snow, but also plated chrome. In these conditions, it is recommended that chrome plated wheels are removed during the winter, and in summer when in use, require meticulous maintenance. Also, salt causes chrome to crack, peel and pit – while PVD resists such negative effects.

    As an added perk of PVD vs. chrome wheels, PVD is made with environmentally-friendly products, while chrome uses incredibly toxic chemicals, such as hexavalent chromium. If one or the other is going to be wearing off on our streets and air, itÂ’s best to keep it as green as possible.

    How can I tell if my tires are directional and properly mounted/rotated?
    Directional tires will have a rotation arrow branded on the tireÂ’s sidewall. The arrow indicates the direction in which the tire should turn. Unless they are dismounted and remounted on their wheels to accommodate use on the other side of the vehicle, directional tires are to be used on one side of the vehicle and are intended to be rotated from the front axle to the rear axle. If different tire sizes are used on the front vs. rear axle, the tiers become location-specific and prohibit tire rotation unless remounted.

    Can I mount non-run-flat tires on my stock wheels even if my vehicle came with run-flat tires as Original Equipment?
    Yes, but keep in mind that many times when a vehicle is equipped with run-flat tires from factory, a spare tire is not included. Some drivers opt to carry a full-size spare or space saver spare tire. Another option is to carry a product that will allow temporary mobility in the even a tire is punctured.

    What does speed rating mean and what is correct for my vehicle?
    Speed ratings were established to match the speed capability of tires with the top speed capability of the vehicles to which they are applied. For example, an R-speed rated tire is designed for maximum speeds of 106 mph.

    What is the correct load rating for my vehicle?
    The load range (or load index) on a tireÂ’s sidewall helps identify its strength and ability to contain air pressure. Load ranges are identified in ascending alphabetical order for light truck/SUV tires (the further along the letter is in the alphabet, the stronger the tire and the greater amount of air pressure it can withstand and load it can carry).

    What does UTQG mean?
    Uniform Tire Quality Grade Standards (UTQG) were originated to provide consumers with useful information to help them purchase tires based on their relative tread-wear, traction and temperature capabilities. (Example: 400AA)

    My tire is damaged and/or leaking air, what should I do?
    In most cases the tires you purchase from us are covered by a manufacturers workmanship & materials Warranty. If your neighborhood tire shop has determined that one or more of your tires are defective, we can submit the tire or tires for adjustment warranty free of charge to you, but you will be responsible for freight charges back to us. This process may take 1-2 months.

    The shop that mounted my tires said that they are out of round and they were not able to balance them. Can I still put the tire on my vehicle?
    NO, driving on a tire that has been identified as being defective for any reason should not be driven on. If they are out of round they may be unsafe to drive. Please contact us for further instructions. If you have chosen to drive on the tire you assume all liability.

    Are the tires you sell blemished or used? Are they 'take off' tires?
    We at Performance Plus Tire and Automotive NEVER sell anything other than brand new products that we purchase direct from the manufacturer. All of our products are sold with full factory warranties.

    Who are you guys? Are you a legitimate business?
    Absolutely! We have been in business in the Long Beach California for 45 years and we have been selling on line for 10 years. We have a staff of over 40 people with years and years of experience with tires and wheels. We are here to stay and are not going anywhere!

    I gave the wrong address at the time of ordering. How do I change the address?
    Provided that the order has not been shipped we can help you with that! eBay's buyer and seller protection policies do not allow us to ship to any other address but we know mistakes happen. The option we have is to cancel the order, refund your money and then let you re-order the item. Once you place the new order you can change the address when you check out.

    Your listing indicates a "Quantity of 1" or "Quantity of 4". How many tires or wheels will I receive?
    The quantity indicated is the amount you will get. So, if "Quantity of 4" is shown the price is for 4 tires or wheels and you simply order a quantity of 1 on eBay. If the listing shows "Quantity of 1" and you want more than 1 simply change the default of 1 to the quantity you would like.

    Do you offer other forms of payment other than PayPal?
    We do! We also offer money order and wire transfer payments. Please understand that we can not ship your order until we receive the payment and we must wait 3-5 days for the payment to clear our bank.

    I changed my mind and no longer want the items I purchased from you, what should I do?
    In the event that you change your mind, sell the car, or just simply have a change of heart, you can cancel the order with no questions asked up until the time we physically ship your order. If your order has been shipped you have the option of refusing the shipment or requesting a FedEx return "call-tag". Once your product has been received and inspected at our facility you will be given a credit less a 20% restocking fee and the cost of return shipping. Return freight costs will vary based on the weight and distance being shipped. Please be assured that the amount you pay will be based on our discounted Fedex rates. PLEASE NOTE: We can not accept any item that has been used, mounted or is not in it's original packaging.

    I accidentally ordered the wrong product, but want to exchange it for the correct one what do I do?
    We know mistakes can happen, if you ordered an incorrect product and want to exchange it, we can definitely help you with that. You will be responsible for return freight charges and any difference in cost. We will waive our customary 20% re-stoking fees if you purchase the correct item. Send us a message and we will get this set up for you.

    What shipping carrier do you use? Can my order be shipped overnight?
    We use Fedex Ground or Fedex Home for all shipments. Packages can be shipped overnight but the costs of shipping tires or wheels overnight are very high. Let us know if you want to use this option.

    My package was sent with Signature Required, what do I do?
    In order for you to receive your package, an adult at the address must sign at time of delivery. You can ask us to cancel the signature requirement before the package ships but you will be responsible for any loss or damage. Once the package ships the requirement cannot be removed.

    You can also go to and enroll in "Fedex Delivery Manager". Their application will allow you to pre-sign for the shipment, change the delivery address or schedule a delivery time.

    When do you ship with signature required?
    Our criteria for signature required is as follows:
    1. Order is over $750. ebay requires shipments over $750 to be sent with signature required as part of their buyer protection plan. This can not be waived.
    2. Orders being shipped to apartment, suite or unit numbers.

    Can I request for my package to be shipped "Signature Required"?
    Yes! We understand that all neighborhoods are not created equal. Some may require more security than others and we want your package to arrive safely. Let us know if you want us to ship your package with signature required. But, please keep in mind that once we ship the package, signature requirement cannot be removed.

    Can you ship to Hawaii?
    Yes! We have an agreement with Aloha Freight here in Long Beach to handle the shipping and home delivery of tires or wheels to any of the Hawaiian Islands. Contact us prior to placing your order so that we can quote you the additional cost for this service.

    I ordered 4 tires but I only got two tracking numbers. Where are my other tracking numbers?
    In order to reduce the possibility of lost packages, we bundle some tires together in pairs so the number of tracking numbers may not match the number of tires ordered.

    I made my purchase on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, why hasn't it shipped yet?
    We ship Monday through Friday once a day, excluding weekends. If you placed an order Friday/Saturday/Sunday your product will be shipped the following business day.

    When I look at my tracking number on Fedex it shows that my package has been delivered, but I didn't receive it. What should I do?
    Please contact us and/or Fedex immediately so that a claim can be filed with FedEx! All claims must be done within 24 hours of the delivery. If you don't notify us or Fedex within the 24 hours Fedex may refuse the claim and consider the package lost or stolen.

    The package I received is damaged. What do I do?
    Please contact us and/or Fedex immediately so that a claim can be filed with FedEx! All claims must be done within 24 hours of the delivery. If you don't notify us or Fedex within the 24 hours Fedex may refuse the claim.

    What happens if a claim is filed for a lost shipment? How do I get the items I originally ordered?
    Unfortunately until the claim is processed by Fedex we can not re-ship merchandise. In this situation you should contact eBay to open a case for "Item Not Received". If Fedex is unable to find the package and closes the case as lost ebay's buyer protection policy will be followed by ebay.

    How much does it cost to ship internationally? What information does a customer need to provide to get an international freight quote?
    In order for us to provide a shipping quote, contact us via email or phone with the following information:
    1. Vehicle year/make/model
    2. Full billing address
    3. Full shipping address
    4. Billing telephone number
    5. Your contact information
    6. Complete list of products you plan to purchase

    Based on this information we will select the best shipping method with the lowest cost. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide taxes or duties. Payment via PayPal is preferred.

    What happens if I don't buy Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors when I buy new wheels?
    It depends on the vehicle. If a sensor is not installed or the stystem is not functioning properly, most vehicle's TPMS warning lights will flash at start-up then stay illuminated until the TPMS problem is resolved and sensors are installed on the vehicle and registered to it. The 2005+ Corvette, on the other hand, will cut engine horsepower (depending on the specific model) and not allow certain performance-oriented vehicle control settings to be accessed whenever the TPMS system is not functioning for any reason. Check with your vehicle owner's manual for information regarding your vehicle.

    Can I reuse my Original Equipment TPMS sensors instead of buying new sensors when I purchase new wheels?
    A vehicle's O.E. sensors can be reused with new wheels. A qualified installer will need to remove the sensors from the previous wheels and install them on the new set.

    Do you sell TPMS Sensors?
    We sell TMPS sensors for most cars. They sell for $195 per set and come programmed for your vehicle. We do NOT have them listed on eBay at this time so please send us a message if you would like to purchase a set.

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