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Volume discounts

Most of my prices are substantially lower than retail. My prices are low because I continually adjust prices downward until items sell. Nonetheless, I will give additional discounts to serious buyers who are interested in buying in volume.

I have a three inviolable rules concerning discounts.

  • I DO NOT play Let's Make a Deal. That means, I have a fixed discount schedule below and I stick to it. I will not waste time explaining why I WILL NOT give insanely deep discounts on top of my already low prices.
  • I refuse to do deals outside of eBay. In compliance with eBay regulations, I will sell only through eBay.
  • I DO NOT give additional discounts on any items purchased with "Best Offer."

Now that is out of the way, I will say it once again, I WILL give discounts to serious buyers. Unfortunately, there is a big problem with giving discounts on eBay. You see, eBay store software has absolutely no ability to give discounts after buyers click the "BUY" button. That's because eBay charges commissions based on values registered with the "BUY" button. There is no easy way to unBUY in order to build in discounts.

Therefore, I have designed two ways to give discounts depending on whether buyers have clicked the "BUY" button or not.

GIVING DISCOUNTS AFTER buyers click the "BUY" button

  1. Once buyers click the "BUY" button, I can give discounts only by creating "artificial discounts."
  2. Occasionally, I can create discounts by adjusting shipping charges.
  3. If I cannot make up the discount amount by adjusting shipping charges, buyers will receive invoices for the total purchase price in 40-item lots (another limitation of the eBay store software!). After payment, I will issue refunds and thereby square up postage, packaging, insurance and discount. It is very easy to refund money via PayPal.
  4. Since eBay charges commissions are based on "BUY" prices and not discounted prices, I must lower discount percentages to make up for the extra commissions I must pay on discounted amounts. Depending on the sizes of orders, that usually means lowering discounts a few dollars.

GIVING DISCOUNTS BEFORE buyers click the "BUY" button

  1. Buyers must tell me PRECISELY what they want. No vague offers. If they’re interested in buying newspapers or magazines, DATES are the easiest ways to tell me what they want. For music and playbills, TITLES are best. For everything else, ITEM NUMBERS are probably best.
  2. I will confirm that I still have all items they want.
  3. I will calculate postage and sales tax (if applicable) and tell buyers the total. Once they agree to the total price, I will remove listings from eBay as quickly as I can. Buyers need to understand that I cannot possibly prevent other buyers from purchasing items in the interim, so until that exact moment that I remove listings, all items are subject to prior sale. Yes, if buyers live in the Denver area, they may pick up at my office and save postage.
  4. I will immediately create a special multi-item eBay sale. I will send buyers the eBay item number and they can "BUY" the lot like all other eBay items. I will even arrange with buyers the best time to post their special sale so they will be ready to purchase.
PLEASE NOTE : I do NOT apply volume discounts on any items purchased with "Best Offer". (In other words, no discounts on top of discounts!)


Contact me for discounts before clicking the
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Discounts applied after clicking the
BUY button
Buy 20 to 40 items
15% discount
10% discount
Buy 41 to 60 items
20% discount
15% discount
Buy 61 items or more
25% discount
20% discount