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The Four C’s

Purchasing a diamond may be one of the largest purchases a person will make in his or her lifetime. Outrageous Diamonds recognizes the significance and importance of this purchase and therefore strives to educate the consumer to make an informed decision. In order to properly educate our customers, we have outlined in a clear and concise manner the main factors to consider when purchasing a diamond. The most common factors are The Four C’s, however it is not limited to those. Additional information is included such as information on diamond shapes, certifications and consumer confidence in the company- all crucial things to consider when making this important purchase.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) uses The Four C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat weight, to describe and qualify diamonds. The interplay of The Four C’s greatly determines a diamond's value, which is why it is important to not only understand each component individually but also their relationship to one another.

The proper cut enhances a diamond's capacity to reflect light; this in turn affects the diamond’s brilliance.
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Learn the Color Scale and
find the right color diamond
for your budget.
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Clarity refers to the number of inclusions and their location within a diamond. Learn the Clarity Scale and how it affects diamond value.
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Carat weight is an indicator of how large and heavy the diamond is. Learn how carat weight can affect the value.
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Often confused with cut, Shape refers to the overall outline of the diamond when viewed from the top. Learn the various diamond shapes.
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Professional Independent & Unbiased appraisal certifications & diamond reports are offered with every diamond purchase.
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Consumer Confidence

Outrageous Diamonds are direct diamond importers, wholesalers, and jewelry manufacturers, bringing you high quality diamonds with essentially no middle men. We make sure that our customers receive only the best at the very best prices and with the very best service. Our customer service and devotion to high business standards make us second to none. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Read our Feedback


As one of the largest diamond sellers on eBay, Outrageous Diamonds strives to maintain high quality merchandise for every price range. From our Signature Ideal collection to our Clarity Enhanced diamonds, there are high quality stones and beautifully crafted rings for every budgets. All diamonds sold by Outrageous Diamonds are evaluated by an independent gemologists based on the standardized G.I.A grading scales.


Diamonds are precious stones and so you must treat them as such. To learn more read about how to Care for Your Diamond, including specific information on how to care for clarity enhanced diamonds. Learn how to ensure your diamond stays securely in its setting and maintains the brilliance and fire it had the day you received it.


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