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Online Tire Deals was started in 2009 by Scott C as a side business to sell odd and overstock items out of a customer's warehouse. In just a short couple of years, the side business turned into a full-time job. While growing the business, Scott worked out of his home office and garage. In 2014 Scott formed a strategic alliance with a local distributor to source tires from several southeastern warehouses. With that alliance Online Tire Deals sales have grown exponentially in just a few short years while staying focused on the customer. If you contact Online Tire Deals, you will very likely chat with the same guy who founded the company years ago. Even though we have grown, we have not forgotten what has gotten us here.




Make buying from Online Tire Deals easy: This may be an obvious statement, but we strive every day to be better than the competition. It’s our goal to ship faster, provide better service, provide easier returns, and make buying from Online Tire Deals the easiest buying decision our customers can make. After all you as a consumer can buy tires from literally thousands of businesses, we want to be so good at what we do, that you can’t not buy from us

Take care of the customer and the customer will take care of you: This was a philosophy that we learned very early in life. Some folks will say in business today, this isn’t true. We disagree, if our customers have a fantastic buying experience, they will come back again, refer friends and family, and leave positive feedback. What may be more costly for us initially will pay off in the long run.

Service is more important that price: This may be a tough one for you as a consumer to read. We truly feel that service, convenience, and overall buying experience is more important than buying something at the very bottom dollar. Here is the honest truth, we will likely not be the cheapest company to buy from. Yes, I said it. But what we will be is fast, accurate, service focused, and very, very easy to deal with. You are likely about to spend a few hundred of your hard-earned dollars on tires. Why buy from a company that focuses more on themselves than on you just to save a few dollars? It doesn’t make since.

Big name brands are not always the best option: You will notice looking through our listings we don’t sell a lot of brand name tires. You won’t see many listings for Michelin, BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental etc. in our store. We have been in the tire business a long time, and believe that the best value is not in a major brand name tire. The best value is in a tire that offers a similar warranty to the major brand, but is the fraction of the cost. We sell tires from manufacturers who focus on building tires, not creating a witty commercials, or sponsoring a host of racing teams.







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