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 Olio Studios produces unique, personalized, photographic prints & illustrations for any occassion including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby gifts. Gifts for husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends, and even your pets. In business since 2001 and committed to your complete satisfaction.
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Top 5 Tips for Silver Jewelry Care & Longevity

 Keeping your sterling silver jewelry looking beautiful for many years is easy if you follow
 the 5 simple steps outlined below. For more in-depth explanations of these steps,
 please refer to our other guides.

     1. Keep them clean. It is much easier to remove tarnish and soil when it is minimal.
 If you allow  your jewelry to become black with tarnish, it could potentially damage the
 metal alloy. Remember, the longer you go between cleanings, the harder it will be to
 restore the piece to it's original lustre. It's always better to keep it clean using a
 polishing cloth periodically and store it in an air tight bag, like a zip-lock bag, to keep
 the tarnish down. Or, even better, wear your jewelry! This actually helps to retard the
 growth of tarnish.

     2. Always remove your jewelry before using any household cleaning
 products that may contain ammonia, alcohol, bleach turpentine or fingernail
 polish removers that contain acetone.
Some of these substances can break down
 the metal alloys, leaving your jewelry dul or pitting the surface of your gemstones.

     3. Clean your jewelry before you store it and store it in the proper manner.
 See instructions on the proper storage of jewelry in our other guides. Avoid storing your
  sterling silver jewelry directly on wood surfaces, because wood usually contains acids
 that can mar the finish. DO NOT place in a cardboard box or on paper as they contain
 sulfur producing compounds in them that accelerate the rate of oxidation.

    4. Keep tarnish to a minimum by storing your silver properly and cleaning it
 before they get overly tarnished.
When your jewelry needs to be cleaned, follow the
 recommended cleaning methods outlined in our other guides.

    5. Check for loose Stones or parts and have them repaired right away so you
 don't lose them.
With normal wear and tear, stones may loosen over time. If a stone
 rocks in it's setting, you will need to tighten the bezel around the stone to prevent losing
 your precious gemstones. You can usually tighten these yourself, if you're careful while
 doing it. The back of a spoon works well. Run it along the bezel to press it down on to
 the gemstone and tighten it again. It is always advisable to consult a local jeweler to
 tighten the bezel if you're unsure if you can perform the procedure yourself. The cost to
 perform this is minimal.





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