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 "Otakara-Japan" will send the various “otakara” collected from all over Japan for everyone around the world. We promise to support customers Kindly, Courtesy and Promptly based on “O-mo-te-na-shi” mind. Otakara means “Product of japanese culture” and “traditional craft”. “Otakara-Japan”
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 ◇Hokkaido – The Land of Natural Treasure If we call Kyoto Japan’s gem, Hokkaido is natural treasure of Japan – locating at the northmost of the 4 major island of Japan, while it occupies 22% of the country’s land area, only 4% of its population lives there. The land is reserved by Mother Nature, and vast forest and clean water makes its land fertile and rich, and the rich land produces healthy farming products. The clean water flowing under fertile land surfaces to form river, and eventually pours to the sea – that provides ideal nutrition to the seafood, growing healthy fish, seaweed, crabs and so on. While Hokkaido’s summer is very pleasant with cool breeze flowing through the surface of the green grass under blue sky, its winter is harsh with snow and ice. In mid-winter, the land is completely covered with white snow and lakes are frozen, when wild animals go hibernating deep in the forest. This change of temperature actually works in favorable way to grow tasty crops, such as fruits and vegetables. With its natural resources, Hokkaido is one of the most popular holiday destination not only among Japanese but also overseas visitors, especially from Asian countries.
◇Gift from the Mother Nature – Farming Products Hokkaido is, without any doubt, No.1 source of farming products in Japan – ¼ of the national production of farming products grew up and harvested in Hokkaido alone. Clean water coming through deep forest is rich in minerals, and enriches fertile soil. Both plays essential roles in growing healthy fruits and vegetables. Its northern climate with harsh winter and cool summer helps to enrich their tastes – and, most importantly, diligent and inventive famers’ endless effort to improve their work is essential in maintaining and even improving quality of Hokkaido farming products. Potatoes, melons, corns, rice, asparagus and many others from Hokkaido are known as the finest quality products.
 ◇Rich seafood in quality and variety - An island where cold and warm sea currents meet Hokkaido is located in very unique place, surrounded by three different seas with both warm and cold currents. Northbound warm current from Japan Sea flows along the west coast of Hokkaido while Southbound cold current from the North Pacific Ocean washes the eastern coastline of Hokkaido, and those two currents meet at the southeast of Hokkaido. Also, in winter, ice floe drifting from Siberia coast reaches some part of eastern coastline, which brings minerals from Siberian soil. Thanks to this unique environment, Hokkaido enjoys natural gifts of seafood from 4 different types of sea water, making it famous for seafood both in taste and variety. Scallops, salmon, pacific saury, kelp, and many other seafood are brought from those sea.

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