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Company profile

Avi Paz Group is one of the world's leading manufactures and suppliers of straight-edge fancy diamonds.

Established in 1971 as a diamond trading business, the Avi Paz Group has grown and diversified, earring a stellar reputation within the global diamond community for its integrity and leadership.


Our Diamonds

The Avi Paz Group, one of the world's prominent manufacturers and distributors of large round and straight-edges fancy diamonds, offers the diamond industry one of the most diverse inventories available.

With over 500 assortments, we afford clients the near-endless choice between Baguette, Princess, Emerald, Carre, Taper and Square Emerald Diamonds.


Our factory

As one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of straight-edge diamonds, the Avi Paz Group's services includes jewelry design and manufacturing services. Its precision cutting and setting division - New Century Creations (NCC)- specializes in high-end gold timepieces and jewelry which incorporate diamonds as an integral part of the design.