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Consignment :

Boutique and designer merchandise is shipped to My Overstock Boutique and placed on Consignment.

Consignment terms are:

My Overstock Boutique's price is set at 50% of the original retail. Account is set up for the Boutique Owner or Designer and items are inventoried by My Overstock Boutique for a POS system.

As items sell the Boutique Owner or Designer is paid 50% of the selling price of the sold merchandise. (25% of the retail price) Payment is made monthly.

My Overstock Boutique pays all advertising fees including eBay fees, PayPal fees and all overhead incurred while selling your items. You have no additional investment in selling your items!

We sell items for women, men and children. We have also enjoyed success selling other luxury items such as housewares, and gift items. All items should be New and in Excellent condition. Please leave on any original tags as our customers are well educated and label conscious shoppers.

For more information email Meg at

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