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Q: How do I check out and pay for an item after I've clicked on the “Buy it Now” button?

A: After clicking “Buy it Now” you will automatically be transferred to a page with payment options. Just follow the on screen instructions to check out. All units must be paid for at time of purchase. If you have a PayPal account, you will automatically be transferred to the PayPal sign in page where you can access your account and pay for the item.

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Q: I don’t have a PayPal account, can I still buy through eBay?

A: If you don’t have a PayPal and/or eBay account and want to use a credit card that can easily be done. After you click the “But it Now” button you will have an option to sign in or check out as a guest. Once you click the “Guest Checkout” link you will be transferred to a page where you can fill out your credit card information and shipping address. If you only have an eBay account, but not a Paypal account, you will have to sign out of eBay in order to get the “Guest Checkout” option.

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Q: What other forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept all major credit cards. Feel free to give us a call at 818-428-7703 and someone will answer to take your order over the phone. We accept Western Union transfers, cashier’s checks and money orders as well. If there is a unit you need and want to pay with a cashier’s check or money order, let us know beforehand so we can hold the unit for you until the payment arrives. As soon as the payment arrives and is cleared, we will send the unit out to you.

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Q: I’m local, can I pick up the part?

A: Sure, you can pick up the unit. We have a warehouse in San Fernando, CA which is open to the public. Our business hours are 9am-4pm PST, Monday-Friday. We observe all major holidays.

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Q: I ordered a part, when can I expect it to arrive in the mail?

A: Parts ordered before 3:00pm PST usually ship out same day. Parts ordered after 3:00pm PST ship out next day. Parts will be shipped either USPS or Fedex... either would be indicated in the listing. Deliveries to the west coast usually arrive next day with Priority shipping. Once the order has been processed, an email will be automatically sent to you to let you know that your unit has been shipped and give you the tracking number.Arrival dates for shipping is as follows for DOMESTIC orders only:

USPS First Class Mail: 2-5 Business Days

Fedex Smartpost: 3-7 Business Days

USPS Priority: 2-3 Business Days

Fedex Home or Ground: 3-4 Business Days

USPS Express Priority Mail: 1-2 Business Days

Fedex 2Day or Overnight

ATTENTION: Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Guam - shipping to these locations will require a $10 surcharge BUT we upgrade to you USPS Priority Mail instead of FedEx. This is so we can send you the part air mail. ------------------ NOTE ON SHIPPING: We ship weekdays every day until 3.00pm Pacific Standard Time. We DO NOT Ship Saturdays or Sundays. We observe USPS Postal Holidays. If we find that we can upgrade you to USPS Priority we will always upgrade your shipping.

Please keep in mind that our warranty does NOT cover extra shipping, we offer a 30 day warranty on all our parts that cover the free shipping as well (we don't mind taking a small loss) but upgraded shipping is the customer's responsibility even if the unit is defective or broken or lost by the carrier... this includes if it doesn't arrive on time because of the carrier (we do take responsibility for shipping it out to you by the following weekday from the day you buy it).

All orders can be tracked through or


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Q: My shipping address isn’t verified, will you still ship the order out?

A: Yes, but only if you confirm your address. Shipments will not be made to unverified addresses unless there is written confirmation by the buyer via eBay Message ONLY. If your address is unverified, or you aren’t sure, please confirm your address after you order.

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Q: Can you ship the unit to a different address than the one I have listed?

A: Sure, but take into consideration that orders are processed and shipped daily, so if you want your item delivered to a different address, we must be notified before we ship it out. We must be noticed by eBay Message ONLY with the eBay Item Number or the name that appears in the shipping details, and the new address where you want the unit shipped to.

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Q: Can I return a part?

A: Of course! Here at Mr. Auto Parts we want to provide our customers a safe, hassle free transaction. All our parts have a 30 day return policy. If for some reason the part doesn’t work, return it to us for an exchange or refund (your choice). Please read our Return Policy section for full details on how to return a part. The only thing we ask is that you let us know personally when you want to return an item. Most returns processed through eBay’s Automated Return Program counts against our Top Seller Status, even after the return has been concluded and the problem resolved. That’s why we ask that you to contact us directly for returns. You are still covered by us and of course by eBay, so you can rest assured that your return will be processed… and in a timely manner.

Please keep in mind that our warranty does NOT cover extra shipping, we offer a 30 day warranty on all our parts that cover the free shipping as well (we don't mind taking a small loss) but upgraded shipping is the customer's responsibility even if the unit is defective or broken or lost by the carrier... this includes if it doesn't arrive on time because of the carrier (we do take responsibility for shipping it out to you by the following weekday from the day you buy it) For the most par we take only a percent of what the actual shipping is and pay the differance. We don't take handling so all the shipping expenses go to the actual carrier.


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Q: I’ve returned a part but don’t yet see my refund… when will my refund be processed?

A: Please allow 24-48 hours after we receive a part for us to process the refund. Please know that refunds are processed by hand… so please give us some time to get the part, open it and see that it’s in the same condition it was sent it, and then manually process your refund via PayPal… especially if it arrives over a weekend when we aren’t at the shop. If you bought the unit through eBay but used a credit card (checked out as a guest), please note that we receive it as a PayPal transaction and your credit card info remains private. Once we issue a refund, it goes to PayPal which holds it for 3-5 business days before transferring it back onto your card. If you received a letter from eBay stating that the transaction has been cancelled, you’ve been refunded… if you still can’t find the transaction, feel free to give us a call and we will give you the PayPal Unique Transaction ID that goes with the refund. Your credit card company WILL NOT know about the refund until after it goes back onto the card… so in the interim between when we issue the refund and PayPal is sending it to the credit card, only PayPal will be able to confirm the refund has actually taken place.

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Because car computers are unique, we’ve dedicated this part of the FAQ just to answer questions regarding them. We’ve tried to be as thorough as we can, though if we have failed to answer any question you may have, please feel free to contact us.

Q: What constitutes as a computer?

A: Any modules found in the car (i.e.: ECMs, BCMs, TCMs, Cruise Control Modules, ABS Units & Pumps, Air Bag Modules, and any other Modules.

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Q: How do I know if this module is compatible with my car?

A: Computers and Modules are only bought and sold by Manufacturer’s Part Number ONLY. The manufacturer’s part number is the most important piece of information when buying a computer. All items are listed with information given by the part number from the database. As such, some listings may be incomplete as to all the vehicles the unit will fit. The only way to know for sure if the unit is compatible with your vehicle is to match the Manufacturer’s Part Number. Regardless of the listing, all modules should be bought only after the Manufacturer’s Part Number has been matched.

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Q: Where can I find the Manufacturer’s Part Number on my unit?

A: The Manufacturer’s Part Number can be found on the sticker on the front of the unit on most cars. On Hondas, Acuras and various Dodges the sticker can be found on the side of the unit. On some Mitsubishi units the number is engraved on the housing.

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Q: What does the Manufacturer’s Part Number look like?

A: Here are some examples of what a Manufacturer’s Part Number would look like. This is the number you need to match to make sure the unit is compatible with your vehicle. Please note that because of the sheer volume of part numbers from all units from all years, not all of them will be listed. Some vehicle manufacturers are not listed because their part numbers are too diverse or a different company makes their parts (i.e. Bosch). These are some examples from vehicles that have consistent part numbers (Please Note, If you have one of these cars and your part number doesn’t look like these examples, it will at least have the same amount of characters and the same structure. For a more comprehensive list of what part numbers look like, visit our Comprehensive Guide to Part Numbers)

Honda & Acura:
ECMs: start with 37820 (ex: 37820-P5A-A14)
TCMs: start with 28100
ABS Modules: start with 39790 or 39770
SRS Modules: start with 77960
(ALL Honda Modules Will Have the Following Structure: xxxxx-xxx-xxx or xxxxx-xxx-xxx-xx)

Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, & Jeep:
All Units: Seven digits and two letters. Note that the first seven digits are the part number, they may or may not follow a zero and may or may not have letters after them and as long as they match the unit will be compatible. The two letters on the end (i.e.: AA, AB,
AC, AD) WILL ALL INTERCHANGE. Here is an example of what a unit number will look like: 04686707AK

Ford, Lincoln, & Mercury:
ECMs: A Ford unit will usually have 12A650 as the middle part of the number. (ex: 1L2F-12B579-BA or 1L2F-12A650-APD)
BCMs: A Ford unit will usually have F3B494 as the middle part of the number.
ABS Modules: C2C219
RCM or Airbag Modules: 14B321
FEMs: 13C788

Hyundai & Kia:
ECMs: start with: 39110 or 39102 (ex: 39110-33480)
TCMs: start with 95440
(ALL Hyundai & Kia Modules Will Have the Following Structure: xxxxx-xxxxx)

Nissan & Infiniti:
ECMs: start with  A11, A18, JA11, JA18, JA56, or MEC
(examples: A11-694 G30, A18-A09 K31, JA11A45 BC7, JA18B72 B01, JA56L65 B41, MEC-G302, MECM-C120)
TCMs: start with 31036 or ETCN

Toyota, Lexus & Scion:
ECMs: start with 89661, 89561, 89550, or 89666 (ex: 89661-21420)
ABS Modules: start with 89540 or 89541
SRS Module: start with 89170
(ALL Toyota Modules Will Have the Following Structure: xxxxx-xxxxx or xxxxx-xxxxx-xx)

All Units: start with MR, MD or MB (ex: MB354750)

ECMs: start with 22611 (ex: 22611-AA070)
ABS Modules: start with  26720
(ALL Subaru Modules Will Have the Following Structure: xxxxx-xxxxx)

All Units: start with 026, 028 (ex: 0261, 0265, and 0280)

All Units: 5WK (ex: 5WK9037)

GM: All cars made by GM have parts with the part number containing only numbers, no letters. With GM units, there are usually two numbers on the unit… a big numbers and a smaller number that’s designated “Service Number”. It is the Service Number that needs to match… that is the manufacturer’s part number on GM units. IMPORTANT NOTE: Most GM units have four big letters on the top right of the sticker (ex: YAKB)… this is your PROM code and signifies the engine in that car… if you can match the PROM as well, you are sure to be getting the correct unit for your car. If you don’t find the PROM you’re looking for, please ask before purchasing to make sure the one you are getting has a PROM from the same engine as yours… a lot of PROMs are interchangeable… but just because the service number is the same doesn’t necessarily mean the unit will work for your car… if it comes from the same car with a different engine, it will not run your car as it’s supposed to.

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Q: My car has the exact same stats as what is on your listing, will this unit work in my car.

A: It depends, only if the part Manufacturer’s Part Number matches exactly with the original one on your car will this unit work for your car.

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Q: My Manufacturer’s Part Number is faded on my unit, or I don’t have the original unit or am otherwise unable to get the part number… how do I find one that’s compatible.

A: In this case… you can call a dealership that corresponds to the car you own and talk to someone at the Service Department. They have a database that lists all the parts that came from that car by VIN. If you give them your VIN number, they should be able to give you the part number off your original unit. DO NOT buy any module without first matching the Manufacturer’s Part Number, even if you have to call a few dealerships before getting the correct number. Please use the list above of how part numbers are supposed to look as reference when calling… that way you know that they are giving you the correct part number if it looks the same or at least has the same structure as one of the examples above. If you still have the unit in your car but for some reason do not want to take it out… we urge you to do so anyway. Going through a dealer is just opening the door for a middle man to give you bad information… If the unit you had in the car was running it correctly and you just need to replace it with another stock one, the best way to know you are getting the correct unit is to get the number off the original unit itself. It isn’t difficult to remove a most units… the only disclaimer being that you MUST DISCONNECT THE BATTERY FIRST in order to avoid causing a short. If you can get to your unit number without disconnecting the unit from the car, do that, and find a replacement unit with the exact same part number BEFORE ordering.

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Q: What is the proper way to install an ECU & Manual Reprogramming?

A: Though we recommend letting the installation to the professionals, it isn’t very difficult to install an ECU by yourself. When you exchange the ECU, its best to do a manual reprogram as well. This brings the ECU back to factory settings and might save you reprogramming on unit dating after the year 2000. Here are the steps to installing and ECU and doing a manual reprogram.

1. Unplug the battery from the car
2. Let the car sit for fifteen (15) minutes unplugged.
3. Install the new ECU
4. Reconnect the battery
5. Turn on the AUXILIARY switch (ignition half way to where all the lights come on).
6. Let sit for another five (5) minutes
7. Turn off the car
8. Turn the ignition, car should start right away.

[A note on the time frame: Every vehicle has a different amount of time that the battery needs to be unplugged before the car resets itself to factory default. In Dodges, it’s 15 Minutes. We used that as a standard because it’s the longest frame of time we’ve found so far. If you unplug any car for at least 15 Minutes, it should go back to factory default].

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Q: I bought an ECU for a car dated after the year 2000; will it need to be reprogrammed?

A: That depends. Reprogramming means programming the ECU to read the current key that you have for the car… that way the car doesn’t think it’s being stolen every time you put the key in. This would happen if your car has an immobilizer. Most cars after the year 2000 have immobilizers, but a lot of cars don’t. The way to determine whether your car has an immobilizer (and if you will need reprogramming) is very easy. Take a look at your key. If the car has an immobilizer, the key will have a microchip on it. This is a physical microchip than can be seen with the naked eye. It will either be on the actual metal key itself or on the black plastic top. Check the plastic to see if it has a thumbnail indentation in it. If you see a microchip on the key, the car has an immobilizer and will need reprogramming. If it’s a regular metal key that you can duplicate anywhere, then the ECU will be a plug and play unit as long as the Manufacturer’s Part Number matches.

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Q: Can you reprogram the ECU to my VIN?

A: No unfortunately, we don’t have the machine that reprograms computers. All reprogramming must be done by a locksmith, a dealer, or licensed mechanic at the buyer’s expense.

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