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  • Untitled Document
    User:Date:Aug-16-18 15:48:31 PDT
    Praise:Perfect - Just as expected: Thank you!!!
    User:Date:Aug-16-18 08:32:33 PDT
    Praise:Thank you item is great and arrived today . Am fully satisfied 👍😊
    User:Date:Aug-11-18 17:11:18 PDT
    Praise:I don’t see the size .I ordered a size men’s 10. Thank you very much.
    User:Date:Aug-11-18 09:02:33 PDT
    Praise:Fast shipping
    User:Date:Aug-08-18 15:05:02 PDT
    Praise:still a little tight for a 13
    User:Date:Aug-06-18 21:14:25 PDT
    User:Date:Aug-05-18 22:15:52 PDT
    User:Date:Aug-05-18 18:18:48 PDT
    Praise:Beautiful thank you!!!
    User:Date:Aug-05-18 11:05:07 PDT
    User:Date:Aug-04-18 18:23:17 PDT
    Praise:Arrived sooner than expected. Nicely packaged. Thank you. Would buy again.
    User:Date:Aug-04-18 15:24:03 PDT
    Praise:Thank you very much. ........
    User:Date:Aug-03-18 08:46:48 PDT
    Praise: Perfect thanks you
    User:Date:Aug-02-18 16:08:01 PDT
    User:Date:Jul-31-18 10:47:00 PDT
    User:Date:Jul-31-18 10:02:59 PDT
    Praise:Looks great! Thank you!!
    User:Date:Jul-30-18 21:00:36 PDT
    Praise:I love it
    User:Date:Jul-30-18 16:16:03 PDT
    Praise:Thank you.
    User:Date:Jul-30-18 13:57:30 PDT
    Praise:Excellent Ebayer, Highly Recommend, Outstanding Transaction, Great Products
    User:Date:Jul-26-18 11:07:14 PDT
    User:Date:Jul-25-18 15:07:58 PDT
    Praise:I'm so happy with this purchase. Such a great buy.