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I specialize in miniature models like aircrafts, ships, space ships and anime characters from well known Japanese brand such as Bandai, Konami, Furuta, Takara, and Yujin. I'm actively searching for more products in affordable prices. Please visit often to check out my latest collections. Thanks!
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Furuta Choco Egg Series is a candy-toy product produced by Furuta Japan. Furuta originally is a manufacturer for candy and chocolate and in the process of widening their product choice for their already significant market share in Japan, they have started to produce different candy-toy / capsule-toy series.

This product, Choco Egg, is only for Japan and South East Asia market and not available in Europe and US. Basically, it is a chocolate egg (similar to Kinder) and inside this egg, you will find one of the various highly detailed toys in unassembled form which fits within a 1.7" long x 1.1" diameter plastic capsule.

There are different series that you can choose from (include miniature animals, miniature cars, miniature planes, miniature space ships & miniature figures) and all toys inside these blind packaging products are randomly inserted with uneven distributions (some are only at 1%-2% probability especially for those secret and color variant items). From statistics, in order to complete a set of any particular series, you need to purchase and crack open like 100 capsule eggs (or less if you are lucky) to accomplish that. Therefore, it is often very difficult to complete a set for any series if you are buying them one by one off the shelves from store.

These miniature toy items now become collectibles among teenagers and grown-ups in Japan due to the excellent details for their size. The toys are the main reason for buying these products and not for the sweat. Besides, as a personal recommendation, you don't want to eat the chocolate (unless it is fresh like for a newly released series and you are living in Japan) because you just don't know how long it has been in storage and what the storage conditions are.

Most of the items are usually about only a few inches in length and are non scaled since they are made/designed so they can be fitted in disassembled fashion inside the given capsule. This product is of course not for small children since the small parts present a choking hazard.

For information about available Furuta Choco Egg Series with photos, please click here

The official website for Furuta is and it has information on their current and coming products (but it is in Japanese).

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Below are some sample photos of what the Furuta Choco Egg products look like. Please note that all Furuta Choco Egg items I sell in my store come without the outer box packaging, without the chocolate egg and without the plastic capsule.

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