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 Magdon Music is a full-line musical instrument dealer founded in 1988 selling guitars, amplifiers, keyboards, sound systems, drums and all related accessories. We feature such brand names as Fender, Gibson, PRS, Marshall, Vox, Korg, Roland, Pearl, Sonor, Mackie, EV, JBL, Line 6 and Mesa Boogie.

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 MAGDON MUSIC BRINGS NATIONAL ACTS TO PROVINCIAL NORTHEAST PENNSYLVANIA’S VOODOO LOUNGE USING THE SONIC MAGIC OF ELECTRO-VOICE® QRx LOUDSPEAKERS Luzerne, PA (October 28th, 2002): As anyone who keeps an eye on current rock tour itineraries will attest, national acts are often reluctant to venture off the beaten track as they weave their way along a map of established tour stop-offs. Although there a number of obvious logistical reasons for this aversion to the provinces, it would seem that many smaller venues may be unable to furnish a band with the kind of high quality sound and lighting they require to do justice to their live show. Magdon Music (, established for fourteen years in Northeastern Pennsylvania, is a full-line, full-service music retailer that caters to the local clubs and musicians of that part of the state. One such venue was Luzerne, PA’s, Voodoo Lounge (, a rock club that has recently been overhauled in order to bring in the both bigger name acts and the local alternative crowd, who now have the live venue they deserve on their doorstep. Magdon’s Chris Menichetti recalls preparing for the install at this stylish alternative / industrial / nu metal club, for which he drafted in the EV® QRx line: “The venue is pretty much a rectangular shaped building. It was a newspaper distribution center. Just in the last two years they developed it into a club. They didn’t really do much to it besides the walls and the ceilings – it’s a nice place. The Voodoo Lounge is a darker place; they’ve got Voodoo drawings on the walls and stuff like that. It’s really neat. One of the problems we’ve had in the past was the stage; it’s a big stage, about 16 feet deep by about almost 30 wide, and it’s about 3 1/2 feet off the floor. The problem that we had was that our stacks on stage left and stage right cut off a lot of the viewing. We’ve done a lot of nationals in there; we’ve done everybody from Sevendust to Staind, some really big acts. It’s basically a rectangular room, probably about 130 feet long, capacity about 800. When we brought in more PA the sightlines were really bad, and finally the club decided that we’d have to do something about that. That’s when we decided to do what we’d intended all along, to use the QRx boxes. They were always our first choice.”
Electro-Voice® QRx-212/75 Boxes Flown Magdon made the upgrade to the EV QRx because the big boxes come equipped with the power to easily fill a room of the Voodoo Lounge’s size, yet are aesthetically discrete in proportion to their sonic muscle. Chris Menichetti explained why the QRx is the ideal choice for upgrading this most typically sized of venues: “We had our other existing rig in there, which was 3 (EV) T53’s per side. Basically what we wanted to do, being that we’re having more nationals in there, we wanted to have a rig in there that we could keep in there all the time and not have to pull anything out of or add anything. That was our main goal. So myself and the main guys on this, John Sanderson and Jason Oakey, sat down with the club owner and decided that we wanted to fly the speakers, and determined the amount of boxes that we wanted to put in there and John came up with all the power requirements for the amplifiers. We put it in there on the weekend of July 4th, 2002. Basically the system is on lease; we operate it, and every weekend we send our guys down there and have our own engineers there all the time. It’s run and maintained by us.” Magdon installed the QRx boxes to achieve maximum coverage and volume where it was needed and wanted. Because the QRx is easy to install, a modular sound system, and is equipped with details like rotatable horns, it can also be placed precisely to allow for accurate sound placement. People can go to the back of the room and hear themselves speak, or they can go up to the front where the QRx deals out some serious sonic punch. Chris Menichetti described the way Magdon installed the QRx boxes in this light: “We’re using six QRx boxes in total. On stage right side there are two (QRx 212/75) flown horizontally in a cluster. On stage left side we have two more also flown horizontally in a cluster. In center stage we put two more QRx 212/75’s flown horizontally, but next to each other, not in a cluster. They’re actually flown more as a downfill at the center stage. So the stage left and the stage right are basically throwing back towards the middle and back of the room. The way we have them tilted is nice because, the way we have them flying, you’re not getting a whole lot to the back of the room, which we found was nice. Before if you wanted to go anywhere in that entire room to talk you couldn’t. The way they’re flying now we’re not getting a whole lot of sound towards the back, so it’s just a nicer environment towards the back of the club, with tables where you can sit down. If you want to be in the mix of things you walk up to the front of the room and get pummeled with it! It was always one of my problems with a lot of the clubs you go into: if you want to talk to somebody, you can’t. There was no way out of it.” The low-end at the Voodoo Lounge is handled by the awesome QRx 218S subwoofers, which complement a custom-built stage. Menichetti described how the fixtures and fittings work in tandem with the EV loudspeakers to create an ideal live music environment: “As far as subs go, we’re using QRx 218S. We have two (Electro-Voice) MTL-1X laying on their sides that we built into cabinets. Basically it’s an extension of the stage with these custom-built cabinets. The MTL-1’s just slide right into those big cabinets. There are two per side. We have one QRx 218S per side, standing up next to those boxes. That fills in the center of the stage area, because we noticed that there was a pocket that was empty there, with the low end. We put in those QRx 218’s and it just filled up immensely. We also have two T53’s as the drum fills, and the stage monitors are the FM 1202-ER’s, six of those still kicking. Everything looks fantastic. Very clean, very neat.”
 Magdon’s installation at the Voodoo Lounge has helped put Luzerne on the rock n’ roll roadmap. Chris Menichetti reports that Magdon’s clients at the club have only good things to say about the sounds, the sightlines, and the lines at the door: “They’re extremely happy with the system, just because the room never had so much power, and it suddenly came alive after we put everything in there. One of the biggest compliments they get is on the sightlines. You can sit anywhere in that entire club now and not miss one person on stage. That was one of our biggest setbacks in the system that we had in there before, because it was just stacks and it was blocking the view. The major feedback that they get is that you can stand anywhere in the bar and see. It’s just so clean now; you can see the entire stage without having to look around anything. We’ve done a couple of local and national acts in the last couple of weeks that have had just about 900 to 1000 people in there for both shows. The system was incredible. Every concert we’ve done in there so far, I’ve been there. We’ve done everything from Staind, Disturbed and Sevendust to Quiet Riot and Molly Hatchet.” When asked about Magdon’s affinity for EV products, Menichetti echoes the responses of the world’s largest pro sound companies: “I’ve been here working at Magdon for nine years now, and since I’ve been doing sound I’ve used Electro- Voice. I also do live sound reinforcement. All of our rigs contain Electro-Voice speakers and a lot of Electro-Voice mic’s and EQ’s. The reliability and the customer service and the product itself – I have never been happier with anything else. If we ever have a problem we always know that we can send it back and it’s going to be taken care of. I’m hoping to get some QRx boxes in my rig. I’m definitely dying for the 12’s, especially after hearing what they do in that club!” It seems like the Electro-Voice QRx loudspeaker system is bound to work its voodoo on all who come into contact with its power, versatility and reliability. ***************************************************************** The QRx family of four full-range systems and two subwoofers fill performance spaces with EV concert-quality sound. QRx is designed as a modular sound system when combined with EV’s new Modular Precision Series amplifiers and customized signal processing. No additional processors are needed, saving rack space and cost. Simply put together the speakers and amps you need and insert the modules. These amps have the same incredible headroom, dynamic limiters, and full protection circuits as the legendary P-Series power amps. QRx speakers use top-line EV drivers such as EVX woofers and the new DH7 large-format compression driver. Another QRx innovation is the new 75-degree x 60-degree horn that can be rotated to direct the highs where you want the sound to go. All full range systems also have RMD™ (Ring Mode Decoupling) for incredible sound quality, and they come equipped with L-track flying hardware and singlestud Ancra fittings, ready to hang. All QRx systems are built of 13-ply birch plywood finished in weather resistant Futura™. For full details of these and all EV products, visit

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