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Hello dear customers, we have made this page to analyze the various situations that arise in our practice.

We ask you very much in case of any question, misunderstanding, discontent, etc. Contact us and tell us what's the matter, we will definitely solve this issue so that you would be satisfied. A satisfied customer is the most important thing for us.



At the end of September 2018, the buyer left us a neutral feedback "not an secure fit", I tried to understand the reason.
The buyer claims that the seat cover is too large for his HAYABUSA 2 generations to sit, I asked him to send a photo on which it can be seen, he ignored my request and said that he would fasten it with screws, I asked why fasten with screws if any seat cover is attached with staple gun and staples, and sent a video from YouTube about how to do it correctly and offered to make a video specifically for him with the installation process. But he continued to insist that the seat cover is too big and he will fasten it with screws, a photo confirming that the seat cover is really big, he never sent :( Then I took a photo of similar seat covers with dimensions (see photo 1s-2s) and asked to send me similar photos so that I could be convinced that he was right and correct the error (if it exists), the buyer again did not do this but did his own thing, you can see the result of his work and unwillingness to understand in photo 3s-4s, also, I attach photos 5s and 6s (this is the seat cover that you see in picture 1s and 2s but already installed) and if you compare photo 5s (cover that is installed correctly) and photo 3s (cover that is installed by “special”) You will see that they are 100% the same size.
Accordingly, the person left incorrect feedback and misinformed our potential customers.
Why is it done, it's a mystery for us! I think it's a mystery for you too. The man ruined it up his seat and spoiled the seat cover simply because he did not heed the advice. It is this misunderstanding that prompted us to create this page, people need help to figure out what exactly is written in such a feedback
In connection with the above, I very much ask you, Please contact us with any questions, and we will definitely resolve any misunderstanding. A satisfied customer is the most important thing in our work! After all, the more satisfied customers, the better our business goes. Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

To see the picture in real size, right-click the machine and open it in a new tab.




On April 23, 2018, the buyer left such a negative review: “Don't buy!! It has nothing around it to ensure a snugged fit and slides off easy", I tried to understand what exactly was meant, what should be around. But the buyer ignored me, I tried to contact him for about a month, but he never answered me :( Most likely this is the machinations of competitors, but I can’t prove this, it's just my thoughts.
I want to clarify the absurdity of this comment. The buyer wrote, “It has nothing around it to ensure a snugged fit and slides off easy"from which it can be understood that the cover does not hold on to the seat, yes, of course the cover does not hold on to the seat itself, it needs to be fixed with a stapler with a pistol and brackets ( this is written in the description). And after installation, he physically can not keep move, because he is stretched and locked!
I very much asked this buyer to show in the photo what he was talking about, but he did not get in touch with me, but deliberately misled other buyers.
Here's a story :(




Dear buyers, please your attention on the delivery time! Standard international shipping is 10-14 business days!
BUT!!! Sometimes, for reasons unknown to us, the parcels are delayed! Where exactly, we unfortunately do not know, but most likely they are delayed at the customs of the buyer's country (this happens with many EBAY sellers).
Please consider this when planning. And please do not leave negative feedback to sellers. We understand your dissatisfaction (if you fall into this small percentage of victims of slow delivery), but it's not our fault, we do everything on time (all our goods are sent to the buyer within 3 working days from the moment of cleared payment), we try to provide everyone buyer the highest quality service and product, and do everything possible for this. But for the delivery time we can not influence in any way (unfortunately).
If you are in the number affected by the delays of delivery! Please contact us, before you post negative feedback, and we will try to solve this problem, with advantage for you! A satisfied customer, this is the best reward for our work.
If you need to urgently receive the goods, we provided for the delivery of the UPS (3 busines days), but their services are much more expensive, and not every buyer is willing to overpay this amount.
Please keep this in mind, and we hope that your purchase will be delivered on time! Thank you for reading this and we hope for your understanding. To all successful purchases, and let these goods please you for many years.





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