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It's been twenty years since Charles & Colvard created the world's first gem-quality moissanite. 

Now, we proudly introduce The New Forever One, an exclusive series of pure, colorless D-E-F moissanite gems.

Artful crafted, the ethical, socially responsible gem is the one choice for eternal brilliance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

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History of Moissanite

Naturally occurring Moissanite is extremely rare and was first discovered in a meteorite in Diablo Canyon, Arizona in 1905 by Nobel Prize winning Chemist Henri Moissan. Because of the extreme conditions that give rise to Moissanite, the crystals exist only in trace amounts on Earth.  It was not until almost ninety years later that Charles & Colvard developed a process to create gemstone-quality Moissanite and began distributing it to jewelers who were eager to work with such a beautiful and rare stone. 

Unique Properties

The physical properties of Moissanite make it the perfect gemstone.  Moissanite is extremely hard, light, and resistant to heat. This results in a stone of incredible luster, fire, and brilliance with sharper facets and better resilience than any other precious stone.  All jewels are evaluated based on their beauty, durability, and rarity.  No other gemstone demonstrates these qualities to the level that Moissanite exhibits.

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