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Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies

~INTEGRITY ON EBAY since 2002!~

Offering spiritual supplies, Catholic saints items, candles, mojo bags, hand-made spiritual jewelry, condition oils, voodoo candles, voodoo rosaries, voodoo art, voodoo jewelry, Santisima Muerte. Home of the authentic Big Lucky Hoodoo chicken foot charm and the original voodoo rosary.

Want something you don't see? Just write and I'll let you know what I can do. I do some custom work.

I use stock photos for oils, incenses, baths, and herbs. You do not get the ruler, the backdrop, the mortar and pestle, or every single bag or bottle pictured. Please *read the listing details* and ask questions before bidding.

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General Interest
Feel free to contact me with questions, but please use the ebay messaging platform for all ebay inquiries. Do not email me directly for ebay issues. I answer all emails within 48 hours (two business days, excludes weekends and federal holidays).
Note: Please visit the "Shipping and Handling" page for more frequently asked questions about shipping and handling.

How do I make sure I get the best shipping rate?

The best way is to use the "Request Total From Seller" feature, visible after you push the "Pay Now" button. Most of my listings are set up so that the cost is calculated to combine shipping and give you a multiple-item discount automatically. Sometimes, though, the checkout system doesn't do the math quite right though, or maybe you just want me to double-check manually to make sure you are getting the lowest combined shipping rate. That is no problem - I am always happy to combine, *as long as you request a combined invoice BEFORE paying.* (I cannot adjust an invoice after you've closed the transaction by making payment.)

The best way to get a combined invoice is to use the "request total from seller" feature, instead of just sending me a regular message asking me to combine your purchases. Because of the volume of email I get on a daily basis, it generally takes me about 48 hours (two business days) to reply to messages. I'm not technically open on weekends (weekends are when I set up and report on client altar work), so if you write on a Friday night, I may not make it to your message until two business days later – that’s Tuesday. You are welcome to request a combined invoice by sending me a message using the "contact seller" feature, and rest assured that I will send it as soon as I have reached your request in the queue.

However, if you'd like to have your items manually combined by me without waiting for me to work my way through the queue of messages, there's a shortcut: you can use the "request total from seller" feature. It bypasses this messaging system and goes straight to my private email inbox with the subject line "buyer has requested their total" (unlike messages sent using "contact seller," which just appear in my ebay -- not private -- inbox saying "buyer sent a message" without telling me what the message is about, so I have no idea you want an invoice when scanning subject lines; therefore, I just read and answer all these in the order they are received). But when you "request total," then I can hit the "combine invoice" button straight from my personal email inbox, look at your items, see what sort of box they'll fit in, and manually confirm your total shipping. For some reason ebay has it set up where you have to hit "pay now" before you see the option to "request total from seller," but if you can negotiate their sort of counter-intuitive setup and use the "request total" feature, it'll get you a manually confirmed shipping total long before I would reach your message sent through the "contact seller" button. Saves some time and gets you your total, and thus your order, faster.

How do I give you customization info for my mojo bag or other personalized item?

Please use the "note to seller/instructions to merchant" box in the paypal system, visible AFTER you log into your paypal account to make payment. This ensures that your customization info prints on the same order page that I use to prepare, track, and ship received orders. Please don't leave your info in the "notes" box when you request an invoice - it won't be attached to your order, because your order hasn't actually been placed yet. And please don't send me the info before you have paid for your order - your order hasn't been finalized yet, and so there is nothing for me to attach the info to. If I have to go digging through hundreds of messages and emails to try to track down all the customization info, it drastically increases the chance that I will miss something important. The only way to ensure the info you want me to use is in front of me when I am preparing your order is to send it in the "note to seller/instructions to merchant" box within the paypal system as you're checking out.

If for some reason you can't do this, or forget, please use the "contact seller" feature to send me your customization instructions as soon as possible AFTER you have made payment. Then I can print out that message and attach it to your hardcopy order. Please don't send me the info before you finalize the purchase by checking out - this includes a note along with the "request total" message -- because there is nothing for me to attach the info to at that point - there is no order yet. I get about 100 emails a day - I simply cannot rely on memory to know you sent an earlier note, or what day you sent it on, and I don't want to miss something important when I'm making your customized order, so do us both a favor and use the "note to seller" box in paypal if at all possible. This is the best way to ensure I have all the info you want me to have in one place when I'm preparing your stuff.

When will I get a response to my email or inquiry?

I try to answer all correspondence within 48 hours (two business days) of its receipt, in accordance with ebay’s response policies (you see a confirmation message to this effect when you post a question, saying you should receive a response within one to two business days). Depending on email volume, which can vary to upwards of 100 emails a day, it may take me a day or two longer, especially if your response will require significant typing or my looking something up from paperwork or files. But I answer all my emails, and I will answer yours. I really do read and reply to them all, and I really do care about answering your questions. But imagine being in line at customer service at a physical store, or waiting on a sales clerk to answer your questions. Now imagine that same queue or line, and realize that there are a lot of emails in front of yours, even though on eBay, that queue is invisible to you. That invisible queue is the reason it may take me a day or two to reply, and the reason for the FAQ page; it does not mean I am blowing you off. I promise I am not. I spend about 20 hours a week just answering customer emails; I promise I will answer yours too. Note that I DO NOT answer ebay inquiries via my personal email account, so do not send email to my off-site email address. I (or more likely my assistant) will only send you a form letter asking you to please contact me on ebay. This is not about me being difficult - it's about keeping in line with eBay's seller AND buyer protection policies, and keeping the vast numbers of messages I receive every day manageable by restricting it to a central location

I also maintain a "status update" post on my blog that you can check at any time to see where in the queue I am for ebay and for direct contact messages, as well as light setting reports. So you can always go to this link to check:

When will I get my order?

Most items have a 7-10 handling time, except for custom orders, which average about 10-15 days but will vary depending on the customization. See item details for the specifics of the item you have ordered or want to order, and see your payment acknowledgment email, sent with your paypal payment record attached, that you received after you checked out. It will give you links to the FAQ, reminders about handling times, and info on what to do if your package has still not arrived in 20 days (30 for international orders). Handling time for large orders, orders with several custom items like pakets or mojo bags, and international orders will also vary, and will usually be about 10-15 days. I am not open and do not ship on weekends or federal holidays, and I do not have any way of telling you how long it will take for your package to reach you after I take it to the post office. I have no control over what the USPS does, and cannot tell you any more than the estimates that are provided by eBay in the listing. For the latest, most up-to-date information on holidays, issues causing delays, store closures, or other status issues, see my blog at

How can I check the status of my order?

I use USPS (the US postal service) to ship, and will generate your label and so-called tracking number via either Paypal or eBay shipping. Both shipping software programs will send an automated email to the paypal address associated with your payment account. This email will also give you the delivery confirmation number (which both eBay and paypal sometimes call "tracking" even though it's not tracking). The number is also available through your "my eBay" if you are a domestic buyer or an overseas buyer whose item ships via priority mail. I do not have ANY further information about your package – sellers unfortunately do not get any secret information and do not have any way to track your package other than the USPS link which you get as well, so I can't tell you anything more than that website is telling you.

If you have not received the shipping notification email AND if your item does not show "shipped" in your "my eBay," then it is still processing, and I will send it as soon as it's ready.

Do your items come with instructions? or, Why don’t your items come with instructions?

Items do not come with instructions unless the listing states that they do; there is more than one way to use my products depending on the spell you are using, and there are way too many variables for there to really be any such thing as "instructions." And I cannot type up customized instructions for all of those variables in everybody's individual case. If you need guidance on general principles of spellcraft, or on using hoodoo oils, powders, etc in general, visit my livejournal for tips, tricks, and links to reliable, educational internet resources. I have a list of "how to" posts at my blog here

If you require specific guidance or feedback, and want my personal attention on your use of my products or on the spell you are casting, you can purchase a consultation session at my website, blog, or AIRR page. It is not humanly possible for me to answer all the emails I receive asking for free spell advice and for instructions on how to do X,Y, or Z with my products. If you need a spell, your single best resource is probably - they have hundreds if not thousands of hoodoo spells listed. You might also want to visit my blog at for tips, tricks, guidance, and links to sites that list spells and hints.

Please don't order a candle or oil and then get mad at me when I can't answer questions about the specific spell you're using with it. I don't advertise that service and don't offer it; I cannot offer free spell consultations. There are *hundreds* of spells out there, free for the searching. If you need one-on-one guidance, you might consider hiring a rootworker if you don't know where to begin in doing your own research. It is not humanly possible for me to answer every "how do I use this" email I get, and it's not reasonable or realistic to expect that your seller offers services that are not advertised - especially not when you can get this info yourself with only a little more effort than it takes to type me the "I just have a quick question" email. Thank you for your understanding.

Has my order shipped?

Basically, if your "my eBay" doesn't say your item has shipped, it hasn't shipped. If it's shipped, it will say so in your "my eBay." Writing to ask me if it's shipped is just slowing me down from actually filling and shipping your order. Please refer to the payment acknowledgment email you received (and/or see above) for detailed information about how orders are processed and how shipment notification is handled, and please see your items' listings for each item's handling time. (I have a one week handling time for *everything,* except for hand-made items, hand-finished items, customized items, and large and international orders which will always take longer than a week - usually 10-15 business days.) All of my domestic shipping systems send email notifications and so-called "tracking numbers." I will let you know if something comes up and I can't ship in that stated time, but otherwise, you can count on me doing it, as I have since I started on eBay in 2002. So please check your spam filter and your "my eBay" for the order status before writing to ask "where is my order." I care about your order, and that is why it takes me time to prepare it correctly with personal attention.

My item has not arrived, but the USPS shipping notification and/or eBay's "estimated delivery dates" said it should have arrived by now. What do I do?

First, please keep in mind that I unfortunately do not have any more information than you do about the status of your package once it has shipped. All I have is the same so-called "tracking number" and lookup link that you have. Also, keep in mind that a number of factors can delay delivery beyond the *estimated* delivery dates provided by USPS, factors over which I have no control. Those are only estimates, and bad weather, power outages, strikes, random error, and all kinds of other things can slow your package down once it leaves my hands. Now, having said that, things do go awry sometimes (I have had one US package go missing on eBay between 2002-2011, which was located at a neighbor's house later; one go missing on its way to Italy; one get "returned to sender" from the UK for being unclaimed; and one get held up, inspected, and fumigated at Australian customs. Lost packages are actually extremely rare). If you have not received your domestic package within 20 days of the shipping date on the label (not necessarily the date the label was printed but the "ship date"), contact me and I will put in a trace request on your package. If you have an international order and 30 days from the label shipping date have passed and you have not seen your package, contact me and we'll figure out what to do. The post office won't put in a trace request before 20 days have passed, because the estimated delivery timeframes really are only estimates, so I can't do anything but commiserate with your prior to 20 days from the ship date (30 for international); but at the 20 day mark, I promise you I will be on and burning up the phone lines to find your package if it has not yet arrived.

The USPS website hasn't updated the status of my package. Where is my order?

We sellers have the same info you have - our only information on packages once they leave our hands is the same website you have a link to, so I can't tell you anything more than the USPS website is telling you - especially for international orders. The way the information gets updated en route varies depending on hub and destination - some post office hubs and some countries work better with the USPS scanning system than others.

Often, in the US and for overseas mail, the item info is not updated on the computer until *after* it has been delivered, because the service is not actually “tracking,” even though they call it that - it is delivery confirmation. It is not actually designed to give you the package status while it's in route. Sometimes it will show various stops along the way, but sometimes it won't. Sometimes it will show a really weird location that is not on the way to your house. It just depends on your county's or country's postal service and on how frisky your local PO or country's customs office is feeling when your package enters your region. Unfortunately, I just cannot control what the USPS (or other countries) do with scanning packages upon arrival and putting information into the system.

For domestic orders, packages might be scanned a few times if they go from major hub to major hub, but they might not be. And even if they are, that info on the tracking site is not "real time." Often, the tracking info is not updated until *after* the package has been delivered. It's actually DELIVERY confirmation, not tracking, so it doesn't actually tell you where your package is, reliably. Your local post office will be able to tell you more than I can once it's in their system. But if it's been 20 days since the label ship date (30 for international) and you want me to put in a trace request, I'll be happy to.

For more FAQs, especially about hoodoo and spellwork in general rather than shipping and handling policies, see my livejournal and follow the FAQ tag, here

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