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Updated: April 02, 2019


Winter Weather Reminder & Possible Delays!

  • I will have limited availability May 15 - 22; please plan accordingly.
    • During this time, responses to messages/answers to questions may take longer than usual to receive
    • During this time, orders may take longer than usual to be shipped (but should still be shipped within the official handling time)
    • During this time, I expect to be unavailable on the following dates...
      • Wednesday, May 15, 2019
      • Saturday, May 18, 2019
      • Sunday, May 19, 2019
      • Wednesday, May 22, 2019
    • ... and have limited availability on May 16, 17, 20 and 21.
    • If you have special requests or timing needs, please plan ahead to avoid disappointment.
  • Snow, ice and extreme cold...
    • ... can cause shipping/transit/delivery delays, even when the origin and destination areas are unaffected.
    • ... can cause power and/or internet outages that may affect communication and shipping times.
    • Even though Spring is "officially" here, snow and ice can still make an appearance in April!


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Free Shipping Offer!

Combine multiple purchases into a single order of $50.00 or more, and basic U.S. Shipping is FREE! Certain terms and conditions apply. If you have questions please ask prior to purchasing.

Terms & Policies



Common Sense, Common Courtesy and Honest Communication are essential components of every transaction. SELLER strives to provide accurate and complete information in the item description, and to answer all inquiries in a timely manner. BUYERS are responsible for READING all information and terms provided, and for asking any questions they have PRIOR to bidding/purchasing. By making a purchase (or placing a bid) you explicitly agree to ALL Terms and Policies, and to take full responsibility for your own actions/inactions.

Due to the nature of Custom and Made-to-Order items, more COMMUNICATION between Buyer and Seller may be necessary for many of my items than for general "off the shelf" purchases, such as DVDs or books. Please make sure to check your messages regularly, and respond when necessary, in order to avoid delays and/or receiving something different from what you originally intended.



  • ... is due within three (3) days of purchase, via PayPal (in terms of U.S. Dollars).
    • Please contact me if you need an exception made, or experience technical problems.
  • Before paying, please verify that your PayPal "Primary" Address is the correct Shipping Address.
  • If paying with a PayPal eCheck, please remember that the payment must CLEAR before your order can be processed. (All production/shipping estimates begin only after the funds have actually been received.)
  • NOTICE: FULL REFUNDS due to BUYER Error (including paying for each item separately instead of with one combined transaction) will NO LONGER be possible, due to changes in PAY PAL's policy regarding full refunds. If such a refund is desired, a small portion of the original payment will need to be retained. (PARTIAL Refunds and situations caused by SELLER Error will be unaffected.) If you have questions about your Shipping Fees or Order Total, always ask BEFORE you pay.



  • All orders will be shipped to the address provided on the PayPal receipt (per PayPal policy).
  • See the item description for the Shipping/Production estimate for a specific item.
  • See the item description for the Shipping Fee for a specific item.
  • Combined SHIPPING FEE DISCOUNTS are available when paying for multiple purchases with ONE payment.
    • See my item listings and/or my eBay Store Homepage for any current U.S. Shipping Fee discounts and promotions.
    • Shipping Fee Discounts will be applied automatically during eBay Checkout. (If you believe the system is not showing the correct shipping total, you should ask me for clarification, or request an invoice.)
    • NOTICE: In some cases, due to USPS policy, the available shipping methods may be different for multiple-item purchases than what is specified for any one specific item included in that purchase. The shipping method(s) noted in any given listing pertain ONLY to the purchase of "one" of that specific item. Actual shipping method used for multiple-item purchases will depend on the items and the total package weight. (Example #1: A book may be shipped via Media Mail; however, a package containing a book AND a Mouse Pad may NOT be shipped via Media Mail, and must therefore be shipped via either First Class Parcel or Priority Mail, depending on the combined weight. Example #2: One XL T-Shirt may be shipped via First Class Parcel; however, a package containing two XL T-Shirts is too heavy to qualify for First Class, and must therefore be shipped via Priority Mail.) If you have questions about specific items/item combinations, please ask.
    • Insurance and/or Signature Confirmation service(s) may be purchased for select packages, at the Seller's discretion. Buyers will NOT be charged separately for Insurance; however select items may include Insurance costs in the advertised Shipping Fees. Buyers will NOT be charged separately for Signature Confirmation, unless they specifically request it as an upgrade on a package that would not otherwise receive it.
    • International Shipping Fees -- especially combined fees for multiple-item purchases -- are estimates. (I will refund the overage if the system charges you more than I would have for the final weight/postage, packaging and country combination.)
    • For International packages, please add two (2) business days to the Shipping/Production Time Estimate quoted for the specific item (please add 5 days during winter weather months).
    • If the Shipping Fee for your country is not in the eBay system for a specific item, please contact me for a quote before purchasing to avoid any surprises.
    • NOTICE to International Customers: I will NOT misrepresent the value of items on USPS or CUSTOMS forms. Any fees charged by CUSTOMS or otherwise incurred as a result of importation are the sole responsibility of the BUYER; these fees, when applicable are NOT charged by the Seller and shall NOT be considered undisclosed or additional shipping fees. If any particular item, or the importation thereof, violates any laws, statutes or importation restrictions in your country, please do not bid/purchase. Sorry, but there can be NO cancellations/refunds once production has begun. Packages that are returned or abandoned due to the Buyer's refusal to pay Customs charges, VAT charges or any other fees levied by a government body or service entity (including administrative "collection" fees adding to VAT charges) shall NOT be entitled to a refund. Once an item has been made for you, the components are NOT usable for any other purpose, therefore the item can never be returned in saleable condition.
  • Any package returned to the Seller by the carrier due to BUYER action/inaction shall be subject to reshipment fees.
    • Such reshipment fees will most likely be higher than the original shipment fees for a number of reasons, including the fact that the entire package, as returned, will be shipped in a new mailer (SELLER will NOT open and repackage the merchandise).
    • In the event the invoice for the reshipment fees remains unpaid for 14 days, the package shall be considered voluntarily abandoned. NO REFUND shall be issued, and the Seller shall be released from any obligation to hold the item(s) for the Buyer.



  • CLEARANCE and GARAGE SALE items are sold "as is" and cannot be returned unless grossly misrepresented.
  • CONTACT ME WITHIN 2 DAYS OF DELIVERY if there is a problem/concern, so terms/instructions can be given. ONLY pre-approved returns will be processed!
  • NOTICE: Due to the nature of CUSTOM and HANDMADE items (and some Natural Components), slight imperfections and/or small differences between "identical" items are to be expected and will not be considered to be a defect/error. Major imperfections are NOT acceptable, however; so if there is a serious problem that I missed, please contact me immediately.


COLORS, SIZES AND OTHER SPECIFICATIONS for commercially produced components and items...

  • ... are quoted from the original manufacturer and/or distributor (unless otherwise noted).
  • ... are subject to the opinions, processes and policies of the original manufacturer, and may vary by production run, dye lot, variance tolerances etc.
  • Correct Size/Color ordering is the sole responsibility of the BUYER. Due to the nature of Custom and Made-to-Order Items, NO Returns/Exchanges can be accepted due to size or color issues (other than actual SELLER Error).
  • The SAMPLE PHOTOS provided may not be able to be used for exact color matching due to a number of factors, including differences in monitor types and display settings. (NO pictures on the web can ever be used for exact color matching for physical items; for this reason I include side-by-side comparison photos whenever possible, to help better illustrate colors and the differences between them.) Please note that any pictures labeled "Stock" or "Stock Photo" were provided, in whole or in part, by the original manufacturer or distributor; in some cases "Stock Photos" may have been cropped, combined or otherwise altered by me, so even "stock photos" may not be used without my permission.

MESSAGES & ANNOUNCEMENTS are posted on my eBay Store's Homepage and/or in my eBay Store header. These messages include such things holiday reminders, potential shipping delays and special promotions. BUYERS and potential buyers are strongly encouraged to read any applicable messages to avoid unwelcome "surprises" after a purchase has already been made; this is especially important during winter weather months! SELLER will, of course, make every effort to personally notify BUYERS that already have purchases in progress of any such information that affects their orders.


Custom Designs are subject to the following additional terms: all digital design files, physical templates, stencils and screens, etc. shall remain the property of Imagize Your World and cannot be transferred to BUYER, BUYER's agent, or anyone else. Photos of the items produced for BUYER may be used for SELLER's advertising purposes, including, but not limited to printed brochures and internet listings. Likewise, any such designs created may be used -- altered or unaltered -- to produce additional items for advertising purposes, in-person samples or for sale to other Buyers with no notice or benefit to the original BUYER. There are two exceptions to this: (1) Photos depicting BUYER's personal family, friends, etc. will NOT be sold to other Buyers (unless the original BUYER has identified specific Buyers as friends or family members who are authorized to request the design). (2) If the design is specified as copyrighted by BUYER at the time of purchase, the design will not be sold to other Buyers; however, BUYER gives express, free and unlimited permission to Imagize Your World to use photos of items depicting the designs for advertisement purposes, as well as gives permission for additional items to be printed with the design to be used as samples and for advertising purposes, as long as those items are not transferred to another party. (For these purposes, "Imagize Your World" refers to the seller currently using that name, and such rights acquired herein will survive any future name change.)

By submitting graphics (that are not obviously personal photos) for use with Imagize Your World items, BUYER certifies that either (1) said graphics are public domain/fair use or (2) he/she is the legal copyright owner of said graphics and will notify SELLER of such copyright no later than payment, and provide any necessary documentation.

Please ask any questions you have prior to bidding/purchasing!


For your convenience, a .pdf (Adobe file) version of these Terms & Policies is available in the ARCHIVES section of my eBay ABOUT ME Page for easy downloading/printing (so you can review the information at your leisure, and/or keep a physical copy with your transaction records). For the benefit of Customers whose purchases occurred prior to the most recent revision/update, any recent previous versions will be available in the ARCHIVES as well. Please note that ONLY the currently dated Terms & Policies apply to new purchases. The sales contract is considered "signed" at the moment a bid is placed or "buy it now" is used; therefore that will be the date that determines which Terms & Policies version governs a given transaction.

By making a purchase you certify that you accept all applicable terms.


Last Updated 03/23/2011